Gods Unchained | Strong battle with Lysander's Honor

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Gods Unchained

Playing Deck : Contol Nature

God's Power : Selena's Mark


Opponent Deck : Aggro Light & Midrange Light

God's Power : Lysander's Honor



Contol Nature vs Aggro Light

Contol Nature vs Midrange Light



In these two matches there was much competition between the Guerilla Training and Lysander's Honor.
The rivalry went on as the Guerilla Training increased his creature strength and Lysander's Honor reduced the creature's strength.
This post is about who finally wins in this.


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Tried to watch the video but it's very dark.

I don't know why this happens

That's a bummer. How do you record the screen? What program do you use?

Windows screen recorder

Maybe that is the problem. You can use OBS to record the screen. You can also stream with OBS. OBS is completely free. I'm pretty sure there are other alternatives if you don't like OBS.

Thanks I will try OBS

Good luck, buddy! Hope you get better results with it.