Gods Unchained | Mortal Judgement Rare Pack

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Mortal Judgement

Hello Everyone, In this video how to buy Mortal Judgement packs & Unpack the Mortal Judgement rare pack. This is the time to buy this pack for the reason is 17.5% OFF – FOR A LIMITED TIME.


I bought the Mortal Judgement Rare Pack. I have unpacked it and shown it in this video. This will let you know if the pack you are buying is worth the money.

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You bought just one pack? Seems like because it doesn't show the next pack button after you unpacked your cards. Not bad what you got there...
I bought a bunch of packs so I get enough cards from the new expansion and would be able to sell high value cards directly like a little cash back.
How long are you playing GU?

More than 5 months I played #godsunchained

Awesome... For me it's one of the best crypto games out there and they are doing it for a few years now. I'm playing around 2 years now, sometimes more often and sometimes less often.