One Vs. 100

in Science2 months ago

Don't trust science, verify it.

At the end of the day. this is a good illustration of the minority being right. However, relativity is a poor example of the scientific method because experiments to falsify or prove this require millions of dollars. I prefer Newton vs. Aristotle with gravity. Drop rocks of different weight off a cliff. It is cheap and easy to do.


Uhm, because Einstein's relativity theory is expensive to prove, such a theory should not be invented?
Remember, in Newton's days, we were at the start of modern science. Much 'easier' theories had to be invented. Now we passed into the mucho more complex ones. Logically, modern theories are mucho more complex to proof.

The main point of the meme was it is not about majority or authority makes up what "science says." You can have 100 against you and that doesn't change the way things are. However, the scientific method relies on experiments to get to which working model one should accept. Relativity seems to be a poorly chosen subject for such a meme.

Fully agree regarding the core message ;) And like the meme 😉