Right 2 Roll One Real street competition

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Hows it going hive?

Throwback Thursday time...
I'm taking you back to 2004..
After digging through the VC vault and blowing dust off all the tapes... As well as many lost edits in the making...I finally bring to you...
Right to Roll 1 - Real Street competition !!!

R2R 1 went down on the 17th of August 2004 in Brisbane Australia.
With Paul Williams taking home the belt.

What is Right 2 Roll I hear you ask??

Well Australias best rollerbladers gathered in Brisbane city to reclaim the streets.
... And to battle it out for the Right 2 Roll!
With cash prizes up for grabs and the best skater on the day received the most prestigious trophy in Australian rollerblading history.. The R2R belt!

We would move around the city to Brisbane's best street spots including ledges, rails and gaps. When we would get kicked out by security we'd then move onto the next spot.

During this comp we had a little bit of rain so we had to come up with some undercover spots while the ground dried up. but these spots turned out to be an amazing session!

All in all it was a super rad day!

I hope you enjoy the video and stay tuned for all 10 Right 2 Roll street comps as I eventualy get around to editing them :)

Happy landings!

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Yay inline!

Ah grinding my nemesis. And also landing backwards. That was awesome, makes me wish I'd kept it up.

The garden bed stops made me cry for the bearings XD

I'm glad you enjoyed the video😊 grinding is so much fun!!
Haha there sure were alot of muddy bearings after this day

I have never been able to do it well XD and by that I mean I never really got past getting the plates onto the ledge and then bouncing off, there may have been the tiniest of slides on occasion.

Did anyone have to clean them out before hitting the next area?

Grinding does take a lot of practice and many falls before you feel confident to grind ledges or rails!
When street skating, dirty bearings is just part of the game. So i only clean them out every now and then, as long as i can get enough speed to hit a rail or ledge it's fine.
But skating a skatepark it's a different story. You want super fast bearing so you can get enough speed to air quarter or box jumps.

I generally try not to skate parks, but when youngest was more into skating he always wanted to do the skate parks coz he loved bombing ramps and then he wanted me to do them too aaaahhhhh XD

Yo is that a regular ledge size for roller skater? cause as a Skateboarder I see it way to high !! haha so I got too impressed... lovely competition I gonna share this vid with some of my roller friends:))

Yo, yeah man these ledges are a good hight for rollerblading. It's more of a challenge when they are high and also a lot of fun!
Glad you enjoyed the edit🤙 stay tun3for more 🤙🤙