Progress of December 19, 2020

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Sitting here in bed now at the very end of this day. It was a good day.

Concerning my previous post, the progress I made was to delete my YouTube app and replace it with LBRY, delete my Chrome app after replacing it yesterday with Brave, to formally delete my Facebook and Instagram after over four months of inactivity on those platforms, and to set up a new encrypted email with the intent of leaving Gmail behind in the coming weeks.

I'm done negotiating, settling, and reacting to subversion and coercion. There's plenty of options in the cryptoverse to replace all of the old ways, and I'm migrating to that system as completely as I practically can. I'm done reacting to the demands of violent subverts, and have stopped asking their permission. Law? Never heard of her.

As for today's physical activities, it all started with a morning nap after Melissa and Sophie went with my mom, sister, and niece to do their fun girl tradition of seeing the nutcracker ballet and going shopping.


My friend came over and welded up a scrap yard fire pit for him to have fires on his porch. While he did that, I cleaned the shop a little bit. It's been the place where we just throw things while we've been rebuilding the house, and it was a godawful embarrassing mess. Not to mention a safety hazard. When I was satisfied with an initial straightening, I went out to build a catapult with farmer Sam, Sawyer, and my friend's kiddo. When Melissa came home, I took my friend and his son home and came back to supper that Melissa had cooked. Then I got the printer bed levelled and printed a small test part.

As for doing things, and making huge progress on things, not much labor was done. The digital migration steps I made today took all of an hour or two, and I didn't take many pics of our physical projects. To be honest, my drive to write something deep and impactful is pretty low right now. I feel like it's a time for action and taking back some of the liberty that I've allowed to be eroded.

Well, I'm tired and we've got a big day tomorrow. Hopefully some things I can make a more substantial post about. 👌

Y'all take care.

Love from a freer place

Nate 💚