December 18, 2020: A Change of Pace, Among Other Things

in Anarchism2 years ago

We wrapped up the short list of house projects today before I left for work. I moved my tools back to the shop (that looks like a tornado hit it) and we swept up really good. We made a list last week or so that had on it the most important things. Basically everything except installing the back yard faucet. The only thing left is for Melissa to take a tiny paint brush and cover up my visible air nail holes in the trim. Not much at all.


With everything cleaned up, I'm switching gears to focus on all the things I've not put my mind towards in the last three months. It's been a doozy learning about things or seeing them in passing and exercising discipline to not get distracted and go work on those other things instead of the project at hand: our house.

Most of the new projects havw to do with technology stuff, like switching away from Google, formally shutting down my social media, and setting up non custodial crypto wallets. All things I'd like to have been working on, but haven't made time for in light of recent priorities. I know I can't drop completely out of everything, but I can minimize my involvement in immoral, involuntary systems a bit at a time. Heck, I've even started using to buy things from Amazon anonymously with crypto. That was a cool experience that I'll definitely repeat, and I gained some serious insight through the process. Just as I'd hoped.

Ultimately, the goal is to minimize my mainstream digital footprint and start utilizing crypto even more than I already do. Facebook, Instagram, and Google all updated their terms and conditions this year, and I'll give you one guess as to whether things got more or less invasive. Google is going to be a tough one. My email has been exclusively through them for a very long time, basically since I first got email. But things are to a point now that there are plenty of secure and viable alternatives that are easy enough to use for the average person like little old homesteady Nate. It's good to be able to move in a progressive manner towards a more proactive position on the front lines of liberty. That's what this is all about, right? The garden, the building of like minded community, the eating right, the 3d printer, the crypto currency, it's all the same; just a tool towards liberty. A way to live a life that's more free. I'll document my transition as I make it, and of course I'll encourage others to join me in whatever capacity they're comfortable with.


Something else I've been alluding to is my sweatshop. That's what I call my relatively enormous walk in closet because it gets really hot in there when I'm working on my projects. So far my favorite way to use it is reloading ammo while the printer makes things. Automated processes allow for fun work combinations, and it'll only get more fun as my imagination expands to use my tools better. I may share more later about what I'm printing, that'll make some fun content to post about, the physical and digital communities coming together, the physical products, the potential, it'll be fun.

So, I think that's enough for tonight. Five hundred ish words is a decent primer for the next chapter of my story/journal/blog here, and I've got to get up early to head to the dairy. So gnite folks, I look forward to starting new stories next week!

Love from Texas via the Brave Browser,