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Hi everybody,
My name is Mariya and live from quite some time in Mallorca, but this doesn´t make me less Bulgarian, just makes me more citizen of the world.

I understood about Hive from post in one of the social medias from @iliyan90. Although I don't know him personally, his post caught my attention and I decided to hive it try.
Now briefly about me:
I like to travel a lot and so far have seen a lot of places , but still a lot pending to see.


I believe that traveling, meeting new people and cultures makes you richer than everything else.






Also I like to practice different kind of sports. As the people say "Healthy mind in healthy body"



I believe also that its very important to know how to enjoy very single moment of the life, as a beautiful sunset or bouquet of fresh flowers.




Welcome mimtan! If you love travel check out @travelfeed / :)

Thank you , definitely I will do 👍👍

Добре дошла Мария. Страхотно попадение с нашата мрежа. Радвам се да те видя тук. Много добър първи пост. Много добре ти се е получило. Браво 🤍💚❤️🤗Слевай @iliyan90 и бързо ще се ориентираш Namaste 🙏

Благодаря за топлия прием, все още съм начинаеща но ще се опитам вляза в ритъм бързо, но преди всичко ще трябва да намеря повечe време за това. 😅

Hello to # hive! Здравей и добре дошла и само напред и нагоре!

Благодаря за топлия прием. Напред и нагоре, там а където сме се запътили всички които сме тук😉

Добре дошла, Мария! Весили снимки от прекрасни места. На всеки бих пожелала да пътува и да се докосва до други култури! Бъди все така в прекрасно разположение на духа и тялото 😊😊😊

Благодаря за топлия прием. Радвам се че са ти харесали местата и снимките. Очевдно е че никой от нас не е в състояние да посети всички инересни места на земята, но със споделни снимки и преживвания можем да се докоснем до тях.

Здравей и добре дошла в голямото ни Hive семейство ;)

Много неща са възможни тук. Успех!

Благодаря .Определено е така, поради тази причина всички сме тук.

@mimtan Hello and welcome to our community! HIVE ON!

Thank you for the warm welcome. 😉👍👍

Welcome to Hive Mariya! I'm Cyn and I'm new here too. I love that you're a travel fiend like me! And you do yoga too like me. Already we have lots in common. I adore travel and have never been to Mallorca but have been to Barcelona when I was living in Ireland (I'm American). I enjoyed looking through your travel photos. Very nice! I believe there is a travel community here? Or if not you might want to share in the photography communities too. I feel like they would appreciate them as well.

I just wanted to say hi and share with you my partner, @ryzeonline's Complete Beginner's Guide To Hive (With Fun Doodles!). It helps answer questions you may have about Hive in an easy way. J is the 'answer man.' He is Hive's best-kept secret (but getting known quickly, much to my delight). Anyway, we hope you enjoy the guide. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask, and we'll do our best to answer. Wishing you a great time here on Hive, and I look forward to seeing what you get up to here.

~Love, Cyn

HI Cyn, Thank you for your warm welcome. I have seen already the " Guide" indeed ids very useful . Apart from this I have seen your family video- very cute and made with a lot sense of humor, I love it. I hope that soon will see you here in Mallorca- believe me it is an island but there are a lot of interesting places to see.
Hope to hear more from you soon
PS: Adorable kids 😃

Oh wow I love that you've already seen the guide. Yay! That makes me happy. We're all about bringing value. I'm not sure what video you mean but thanks. I hope one day to be seen in Mallorca lol.


Здравей и добре дошла :))

Благодаря за топлия прием ☺️☺️☺️

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Hello @mimtan. This is @gentleshaid from the @ocd team. Congratulation on onboarding to Hive and making your introductory post. In case you run into bumps and needs clarifications, feel free to hop into OCD Discord Server where you will get to meet and interact with thousands of other Hive enthusiasts, some of which are veterans and will be able to guide you accordingly.

Welcome and hope you'll enjoy it on here.

Good day, @mimtan!

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Thank you . I am in already 😉

Добре дошла!.


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Здравей @mimtan и добре дошла в Hive😀

Благодаря за топлия прием.👍

Здравей и добре дошла в Hive.

Благодаря 😁😀

Добре дошла! ✌️

Благодаря ☺️

Здравей и добре дошла... 🙂🖐🏽

Благодаря за топлия прием ☺️👍

Welcome to the Hive community @mimtan!
We sincerely hope you find everything you are looking for and have found a new home here.

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Have fun and happy Hiving!

Welcome Maria on are found of travelling so you have alot of things to share with us.travelling improves knowledge and give habit to explore.
Welcome again on hive.share your original post and do good comments.

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