Phone Woes.

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Just a brief video from an old phone to explain why I am not uploading videos from my new phone.

It turned out to be a huge PITA to do it this way so it's the last one until I get shit sorted.

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Hope you are back again soon!

Not that anyone gives a shit…

I probably shouldn’t have laughed so hard when you said that, but it caught me off guard 🤣

But yeah, I bet scrapping is almost as niche as Andean mountain fluting hahaha - sucks your phone’s giving you so much trouble though, on a real note.

So, when you start putting these scrapping checks in the account and tracking the income from scrapping - two questions:

  1. Do you think you’ll be tracking how much of each metal you gathered in a given year/information about throughput?
  2. Are you planning on sharing updates on how much you’ve made so far from scrapping?

No big deal, just was curious and thought it would be interesting if it’s not too much effort to keep track of.

Well I will be keeping the sheets that come with the cheques that detail what you sold and the prices but I don't know how public I will make it. I will be saving a lot of the scrap to melt down and cast into sculptures but will keep selling the dirty stuff as an income. I am going to use the money earned to put back into property and tools so I can start a recycling centre in our town as we have to travel over an hour to do any real recycling now.

That makes sense. Honestly can’t say I’d do it any differently. You’re a metal sculptor too? I am excited to see some of that!

No, I would cast souvenirs for sale at our museum out of the recycled metals. Just the pure ones though. Anything with impurities will be sold to the scrapyard

That’s really cool. I continue to dig your style!

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No problem but I wonder how many others have been blacklisted from Hive for the same thing. Everybody wants their content promoted and some truly think it will help people but HiveWatchers would shoot them down immediately. Anyhow, have a great rest of your day.