We Have All the IP and MAC Addresses!

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It isn't a mystery. There was foreign interference in the 2020 U.S. election. We know that for a fact - to the point where we have all the attacker source IP and MAC addresses, as well as their target IP and MAC addresses! We know the exact time of each individual attack, where they came from, where they went, and the exact number of votes stolen on each as well!

Thousands of pages of time stamped log files of digital “fingerprints”.

In Mary Fanning’s words:

Terabytes of information that document the election fraud of the foreign intrusion into our election.

She goes on to say:

This is forensic evidence of foreign footprints as they entered our election in a cyber warfare attack on our election. And then it shows exactly what they, uh, you know, where did they come from, which computer exactly, exactly the time stamp, exactly which computer they entered into, uh, in what state, which county, uh, the ID, the unique ID of the computer they entered into, and then it shows how they entered using false credentials, or breaking through the firewall, or both, were they successful the first time, the second time, and then it shows the votes they stole from Donald Trump. This is proof positive. This is documentation, of a cyber attack, but it also is documentation of the footprints of those who entered into our election.

Each and every vote was documented!

Is there anyone who thinks that this is not being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as provided for under Executive Order 13848 and other related laws?

National Emergency

What do you think? Is the United States just going to ‘look the other way’?

I kind of doubt it.

If you still think this is going to be covered up, I’ve got news for you: the complete opposite is already a foregone conclusion.

Time to start preparing for reality, if you haven’t already.


Absolute Proof


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Prepared and ready. Even the earth is quaking as justice is served. Multiple earthquakes showing up in places like Antarctica. Nefarious deeds are coming to light. Grateful for your research!


I do wish that they 'would just get on with it'!