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My name is Andy. I live in one of the mid-range apartments in this corner of town. I have an alias which is "Lapsha", meaning noodles. Since I was little, I really like to eat noodles and I'm skinny like a stick of noodles. My father and mother gave the nickname. I've grown to be a child who spends more time in apartments so that over time I have become a difficult introvert.

I'd rather play console games all day or see the world through my smartphone until one day, my mom and dad bought me a drone after I had a full day of whining. The fun starts from here.

Youtube has become a first-level window to the world, and this platform has contributed greatly to why I ended up begging like a kindergarten-level kid to my parents to buy me a drone.

Mom and Dad have jobs that are adequate enough to allow them to fulfill my desires, including when I asked for the latest trending virtual reality glasses.

Of all the things they've ever bought, drones are my favorite. Because it is equipped with the latest technology, becoming a drone pilot is much easier for me. Through the camcorder, I was able to capture the scenery around the apartment.

At first I only took a view of the roof and the front of the apartment, and the view that took place below. I've always loved looking at people's heads from above—to me like black balls running, scattered, piled, and alienated—or the roofs of colorful vehicles.

I'm like a spy, every day on the air. I expanded the distance to the apartment next door, saw people sitting relaxing on the balcony. Sometimes, someone waved his hand at the camera.

"Hey, look at that!" he shouted with joy at the surveillance camera. Sometimes they are not ready for my drone to arrive. However, until now, no one had protested because I had been spying on them.

The most beautiful atmosphere is in the late afternoon. I could catch sights on the horizon and gaze at the silhouettes of tall buildings. The sky is red. It was beautiful, while down there a group of people were rollerblading and skateboarding in the little rink in the south.

The atmosphere in the morning before noon is also very good. Everything looks very fresh. The flower garden is like a green "U." The stadium on the other end looks like a very thick "O." However, this afternoon I will be expanding my range.

Done started to rise, little by little. The camera started to feel floating leaving me. At that time, I was on the air from the balcony. The initial scene was still as usual, even the old lady on the other side was seen waving her hand. I can also still see a woman lifting the clothesline in the attic. Everything looks normal, but I have to fly further.

I started playing analogue. The surveillance cameras began to move quietly. It has the right air pressure. Now my apartment looks as big as a box. I even waved to the camera as a sign as if we were going to separate, while the teenagers who were gathered on the basketball court cheered and cheered.

"Hey, look! That drone again!" one of them shouted.

I smiled to myself seeing their behavior until one of the children started pulling something out of his pants pocket.

"What!" I glared at the screen, saw the child was aiming at the catapult.

I quickly turned the direction of the drone, but I couldn't determine where I was going. The child's shot was indeed not on target, but I was just too stupid to have turned in a random direction so I headed towards the direction where the stone came. You guys can't imagine how much I want to smack the head of the kid who brought down my drone.

Because one of the balancing propellers was damaged by the rock from the catapult earlier, the drone staggered, flying unbalanced. I have to immediately find the nearest landing place because if I force the drone it will never reach my apartment, especially when it's dusk.

I turned to an old apartment. I know this apartment. Even the whole town knows. An old apartment which had been abandoned by its occupants a few years ago due to a terrible fire. I'm planning to get the drone through someone I'll pay tomorrow as it's getting late.

After making sure that the location was still accessible but far enough away from people's eyes because I didn't want the drone to be stolen, the drone managed to land on the second floor parking lot. Incidentally at that time the camera was still on.

The floor was silent, pitch black, and I didn't notice anything unusual about the place until I heard the faint succession of footsteps approaching. I immediately turned off the drone but the camera was still on because the camera was placed separately from the drone's body, even though what was caught was only pitch black.

The atmosphere was really quiet because the old apartment was quite far from the hustle and bustle of the city, however, through the sound catcher on the camera I could still hear the sound of horns and vehicles passing by even though it was faint.

Then footsteps were getting closer and closer.

"Hey, did you find it?" someone said.

"No, try looking that way," said another.

"Show the flashlight in all directions," added another.

"Damn it, this place stinks!"

The owners of those voices seemed to be a group of teenagers.

"Your shot is perfect, Jack," said one of the teenagers.

Damn, after hearing those words I hope those naughty kids go away soon.

"Come on!"

I started to calm down when their footsteps sounded distant, but then, "hey, I found it!"

"Ha-ha-ha, you're great, Mark," a moment later came a sound like the impact of a hard object before the monitor screen went black and died.

I cursed them in my heart, "bastard!", they must have damaged my drone.


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Fortunately Andy can have as many toys as he wants! This is an exciting story, with a touch of tenderness that is conducive to the voice narrating. Thank you for writing it and posting it on @theinkwell, @mosin-nagant. Thank you for your presence as a reader in the other stories.

Of course his parents are very capable. However, what really matters is how the two of them can buy Andy something more useful.

This is truly a curious reading experience. As a reader you question whether it is okay for a child to intervene in people's privacy with a drone, as well as whether another child,has the right to stone the fun toy.
Very well narrated, @mosin-nagant. I wish I had a drone to photograph sunsets from a very high perspective.

@gracielaacevedo | Yes, to be honest, I was actually happy when I found out that these naughty kids managed to bring down the drone. Now I'm even asking, who really is the naughty one? And, like what Andy's parents used to teach them what it means to respect privacy.

Damn! This one is so touching.
Being an introvert that drone was a way to get out of his nutshell and see the surroundings, it's gone now. Fortunately, his parents are enough well-off to buy him another drone, right? Yet a new drone can't repair the scattered emotions that he experienced through this incident.
Well written.

Yes, Andy's parents can buy a new drone without having to think about arrears. However, I think the child also needs to know what privacy means. I'm just glad the bad boys managed to bring down the drone.

The point to note is that he is a child, if his parents don't teach him "What does Privacy mean" then as an introvert he is not gonna help himself.

Yes, agree.

You are from Indonesia!
One of my favorite countries that I dream of traveling to.

Yes, I'm from there. A city in the province called Aceh. If you visit, tag me.

If you visit, tag me.

Ah, Thank you. ❤️

Me from Bangladesh, you are welcome here too.
We also got a vast amount of history, culture and too many places for traveling.