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Is anybody there?...
If your listening, there’s been a … stream riv… A stream reversal phenomena, It’s ca…tastro…phic, It messes with everything a…ll of re…ality. It’s time reversal! The… Grayon ti…me bender machine. I’m Ebuka Elie…zer, I work at the…


“…Human resource management section, as we celebrate the launch of humanity’s greatest invention,
There’s been what? a malfunction? don’t tell me… I’m just receiving an information that…”
Interrupting unidentified speaker: “step back please”.


“ I would like to acknowledge the presence of our lead engineer to give a brief description of why we are gathered here today”.
Lead engineer's voice: “today marks the first ever attempt of man to revisit his past! A dream that has been pursued for over 50 years and costing over 30 trillion dollars worth of manpower and resources with collaborations from over 50 count…”}
CERN scientist stops the tape,
scientist 1: “This is what it says when played backwards”.
“Its very strange the direction and orientation of the energy flow along the pizo-crystal lattice”.
Senior scientist: “what of the other recordings”?
Scientist 2: “they all came from the same quantum location”.
Senior scientist: “why now, why hear?, Play the other tapes”!

[First post dropping soon…]


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