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James, staring the glass, realized that it didn't only contain water, there was a small larva inside it. He was alarmed for a moment. He stood up and stained the water in filter paper. By profession he was a scientist. He wanted to analyze that creature. Shifting it on the glass slide he noticed his movements were getting faster. He used anaesthesia to make it faint. When examined under a microscope he found that this animal has distinct organelles. It was not a modest living organism. A sudden plan hit his mind. "What if I could perform more experiments on it? My business in science would flourish."

"James, not all the creatures need your examination",

he heard a voice. Before he would peep outside he found that insect larvae were speaking. He was amazed for a minute.
*Mmm mmm how you can talk to little creatures." He asked.
"In the same way if you can uncover the mystery of black hole". That tiny animal with small eyes replied to him.


James wanted to shout at this worm because it was giving him surprises one after another. He wanted to place it in a preservative jar. But he didn't want to lose that unique animal by murdering it. He chose another way which was not scientific yet it was ethical.

Sunshine in that wonderful place was incredible but it was unique as the rays had a pink colour. Flowers didn't had the green leaves, they were white in colour. Why pink bestows life to white. Pastel colours are soothing James approved this fact.


This insectiland had a variety of all the members of Hexapoda (insect kingdom). But they all were distinct from each other on the basis of size, shape, locomotion and colour. Pixa (the larva which James flourished from childhood) asked him which mode of life he would adopt. Crawling was impossible for him. He asked for wings. He always wished to have his own natural wings but in the human world it didn't happen.

Insectiland had an abundance of flowers, greenery, worms , algae swamps and a special ATM which they called "foodpanda". Whenever they need something new to taste they can just order it here but one entry for each person. James ordered burgers each time as they were full of extra cheese. He became a panda in a few weeks.


He was going to burst until Jenny arrived in his life.
Jenny was an elegant and smart butterfly. Their first interaction happened when they collected the nectar from the related flower . Jenny almost tugged him. James already fell in her love and this slight push threw him deep into dug. He was going down until Jenny recouped him.

The Bond of friendship got altered into love.


Pixa was happy for them but internally it felt alone. Pixa wasn't expressive but she was the one who always craved James. The day when this young scientist saved her life. She adopted herself in the way James needed. The time she spent in the refrigerator to provide him research about *extremozymes (the enzyme which can tolerate any extreme temperature without getting denture ) . She neither expressed her emotions because

a worm doesn't deserve a higher animal.

Last time when she dipped her body in colours and wrote James name on canvas. It was enchanted but James sold it instead of realising how much pain Pixa would tolerate because of harsh paint colours.


"You are so adorable Pixa, you know I would earn more dollars with this masterpiece". He jumped with joy
James looked at the red colour it had. Can you see something written there in small words, pixa asked him.
Oh my little granny, people don't concentrate much. He wasn't attentive at all.
But James, can you focus? She asked hesitantly.
James rolled his eyes, you are so silly, why would I focus? I am already bored from my microscopic work. Stay in this jar until I am back. She had freedom to do anything within that jar, a flop love life.


Why did Pixa put up with this decision of taking him into her native land? She carried a risk while performing the contract. James was persuaded that he would take someone from that world for experimentation. After all, he can't afford the loss of reputation and wealth in the name of exploration. Time passed quickly. Ceremony was held in the garden and lily flowers were showered on the newly married couple. Jenny looked more elegant in rainbow maxi and her wings were constantly shifting the colours. Pixa listened to the party songs and she was sadly happy for this person.

15 years of this one sided love was climaxing in this way. Tears almost burnt her skin.


It was the final time. " Pixa came with me". James shouted her name. She got excited, maybe she was not that unlucky princess. "My love,I am coming for you.". She screamed. Jenny laughed in a louder voice. You are such a silly worm, I can't imagine someone can surrender her body for experimentation in that way. Jenny's words shocked her.
"Experimentation", she rolled her eyes.
Yes sweetheart,according to the contract, you are best to fit into my laboratory.
She shouldn't speak at that time, because now she was wounded in love in the name of friendship. Human instinct can't be changed, they always remain benefit oriented. It was in a harsh veracity.



Awwww Ayesha this is beautiful... I enjoyed reading this especially where James helped the life of Pixa through his experiment.

I was imagining you to be James though... My scientist 🥰🥰

Lovely story, thanks for sharing

Hehe, James saved her life but betrayed her in love Nah 🥺
Thanks for stopping her my blue princess 💙

Yeah, that's true... Sad one 😢

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Wow what an interesting, amazing and entertaining story. Unfortunately, the translator created several serious problems for me to follow the thread, since I speak Spanish. However, this did not prevent me from enjoying and acknowledging the excellent work done by you 😉.

Thanks for your appreciation 😁 I wished that readers shouldn't face any difficulty as I used many scientific terms in this story 😁 glad to know you are Spanish 😉 I can give a response in Spanish too with the help of a translator 🤩 am I genius 🤞😉

Gracias por tu apreciación 😁 Deseaba que los lectores no tuvieran ninguna dificultad ya que utilicé muchos términos científicos en esta historia 😁 Me alegra saber que eres español 😉 Puedo dar una respuesta en español también con la ayuda de un traductor 🤩 soy un genio 🤞😉

jajaja muy ocurrente. Si los datos científicos fueron parte importante de la historia que la elevó aun más a otros nivel

This is an incredible story, Ayesha. So creative, so thoughtful, so inspired. I love how you draw from your own experience in Biology too 💗🙌

James ordered burgers each time as they were full of extra cheese. He became a panda in a few weeks.

This made me chuckle !LOLZ

Poor little Pixa though... unrequited !LUV is such a sad thing to endure. I hope that one day her heart heals and she finds her soul mate - perhaps James isn't it after all.


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