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This is a nice one. Bringing C programming to the Blockchain. I'm sure most persons would find it useful, if not now, maybe in the future.

I like how you explained almost to a lay man's level.


Lol!!!! Thank you very much.. Writing this article helped me in solidifying my knowledge. It made me to rethink on what I already know, search and make confirmation of things and even better understand things the way I previously did. It was fun writing this article for me.

If I don't write it or break it down to a lay man's level.. then I don't probably yet understand things at the ground level yet.

Exactly so! Teaching others what you know is the best of learning more. Like if you're worried about being a good teacher, you will be concerned about making things as simple as possible for your learners, and as a result, you'll need to dopre research, verify your knowledge and present your lesson in a more practical way. Which you've done here! It's quite commendable bro.

One day, I'll do like you.