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It can't be denied as it's become a proven fact that technology has now been greatly adopted in several industries.

Therefore, just being able to use the computer system or being computer literate isn't enough anymore in the present and future of works around the world.



Which has made learning how to code something very necessary and important to do, in other to be able to fit for what advancement of technology comes with.

We are in the 21st century and the advancement of technology has grown rapidly than we could have ever imagined, which has made coding/programming to be more relevant.

Also, behind almost everything we see on the internet or technology tool you make use of, every word, picture, chart, layout, etc. There is someone who programmed it to look the way they appear to us.

Whatever your profession is or who you are; Whether you’re a marketer, a mom, a business owner, a doctor, a student, an entrepreneur, a lawyer, etc, I'm ready to convince you why coding is an important skill worth adding to your toolbox.

Comprehending this, you might be wondering if coding is something you should learn and take into consideration. This brings the following points to convince you why you should learn how to write codes/programming.

From my research and years of experience in coding/programming, I would be providing crucial reasons regarding why you should learn how to code/program.



It improves your problem-solving and abstraction skills



This is one of the biggest reasons and benefits of learning programming to the best of my ability. When you learn to program and write codes, it is not only about the knowledge you acquire, but also the problem you solve or intend to solve with the acquired skill and how you implement the useful and amazing skills you get. And in addition to that, when you learn to program and write codes, you greatly improve your problem-solving and abstract thinking skills, which is very useful and important for many tasks you indulge yourself in and professional daily life.

It Makes You Understand How Software Works



Instead of being just a common software user, learning how to code helps you understand how software is built and makes you interact and utilize any software efficiently.

Coding / Programming helps you get acquainted with various programs, devices, software, and websites and will help you understand them. Due to this familiarization, you will grasp and adopt new technology tools much more quickly.

It Assures You a Job

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We are currently living in a technology-driven world, and technological growth is rapid and not near stopping. As the use of technological software, tools and devices is growing, which leads to the high demand for programmers.

It makes you stand out in your job application



Adding the ability to code to your cv even if you’re applying for a job or position that has no direct relevance to coding makes you stand out. Thereby having any knowledge of coding will automatically give you a foot up on the competition.

Programming helps you understand other aspects of tech



Having knowledge of coding can help in many ways. It can make you are quicker to learn other aspects of tech and makes you more digitally fluent. In today’s digital job market, this can be of benefit.


I agree with you 100% percent, the abilities you develop while learning to code can be applied in everyday life. The most important lesson I learned from coding is that problems that have solutions are opportunities to grow.

Thanks, @dotnetguru 🤝. You are very correct the more problems we solve the more we learn and grow.

Due to the vast advancement in technology, that’s why I am taking the part into learning programming. But it’s quite tough for me because of school. I have a lot on my plate and issues with balancing.

Thanks, @starstrings01 for commenting 🤝. One of the issues students find in learning programming is balancing it with their academics. But trust me you can find a balance, all it requires is effective time management and consistency.

personally for me, i have always hated the idea of just being an end user when i am free to be an admin. This is one of the driving agents that made me chose this path and i have never ever regretted it.

You have a great point there. Thanks @easternface for commenting 🤝.

I think various frameworks make programming far more accessibly to those who may not even wish to know internals of computing, and thus people can much easier transition from being just a user to being more a user capable of enhancing and optimizing their compute/data access experience through some scrpting/coding.

You are very correct, thanks @borepstein for commenting 🤝