ProofOfBrian has notified almost 400 people of their typos

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I created the @proofofbrian Hive bot less than a year ago to tell people if they had mis-typed the #proofofbrain tag as I saw quite few cases of that such as #prooofbrain and #poofofbrain. It was also a programming exercise for me as I wanted to try writing a Hive bot. The task was made easier by the beem Python library. The main developer has disappeared, but some others have done updates. We really need such tools to encourage more people to develop on Hive. Perhaps it needs to be taken on as an 'official' project with someone getting paid to maintain it via a proposal.

The code for my bot has been very stable and reliable. I only tend to run it when I am using my PC. I have looked into having a Raspberry Pi run it, but I have had issues getting one set up. On my last attempt I created a boot drive, but it did not fully work.

The bot only notifies each person once with a comment (and a vote). It keeps a file of those accounts to do this and that has almost 400 entries now. The latest is below, but they are much less frequent now as a large proportion of active Hive users have already been caught out.


It might be possible to get rid of some of these errors, perhaps by changing to a different node, but it is not exactly a critical service. The bot gets replies thanking it and a few votes, but I am not expecting to make much. People should not take it too seriously as it has not authority.

I would like to do more projects like this, but I need to come up with some ideas. I am so interested in anything involving managing large sums of tokens as that is a lot of responsibility. I admire those who do take on such challenges. As well as creating something useful or compelling you have to defend it against attackers who will try to get funds dishonestly.

If you think I can help with your project then get in touch and I will have a look, but I do have other commitments.

I do have my existing projects of @tenkminnows and #BritList. The former just needs me to monitor the accounts it votes for using Hive Vote to see who graduated to minnow, and then look for new people to support. For the latter I have other scripts to find other people in the UK to add to the list. I will be generating a new list this weekend, so please let me know of anyone I may have missed. I rely on people putting relevant location data on their profile, but many either do not set it or use something that would not make their location obvious. Of course it is a matter of choice if you want to give away where you are.

I would encourage others to play with beem and @hivesql. You have access to a huge amount of data. You can analyse it in various ways or provide services to the community. Some of us find that fun.

The man behind: @tenkminnows: Helping good Hivers level up

@proofofbrian: A bot that checks for tag typos

#BritList: A monthly list of Hivers in the UK

Sort: this so much.

It's what I do for fun. I need to add some more Brians to use in the comments.

Damn, man, the idea was s perfect one. I've seen the bot's comments on a lot of posts being a POB official curator, myself and it cracks me up every fucking time 😂.

400 in about a year! I'm proud to say I've never had a visit from that bot.

It's easy to make a typo. I hope the bot teaches people to double check. I saw some making the same mistake on many posts.

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What a funny bot project. xD
To be honest, your bot never crossed my ways. But your post made me look for the comments it made.
In the end even very helpful. If that's not kindness to others...
Good idea!

I also had to think of all the Hivians who routinely send their beneficiaries to nirvana just unnoticed. Maybe they deserve a bot, too. Just sharing a project idea. :-)

It's just a bit of fun and I try to raise a smile. I had seen some people repeatedly use the wrong tag, so this was a way to let them know they were missing out.


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Are you a software engineer or a programmer @steevc ?

I haven't ever been notified of such a mistake in the tag. Seems like I never made any.

I am a professional developer, but this is something different to what I normally work on. I enjoy the challenge.

I am wary of being caught out by the bot myself. I always double check my tags.


I think creative people always enjoy the challenges

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Proof of Brian is you? It makes me laugh each time I see it!

Oh yes! I aim to raise a smile.


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.... also, I really should start coding again. I learnt upwards of 10 programming languages through school and uni. I never used any of them.

I just wanted to say thank you for the laughs every time i have been curating and come across that message. I always think of 'Life of Brian' when i see 'Proof of Brian' hahaha

He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!

Wow that was you? That's good work man. I think I'm one of those culprits typing "proofofbrian and getting the bot reply haha. I'm mildly dyslexic too so it used to take me ages to see what I'd done wrong. Bot tags look identical to me most of the time 😂

You would only get the comment once. I didn't want to be accused of spam. At least some dapps suggest tags to make it easier.

ah. I remember the laughing photo that came with it.
Yeah, PeakD suggests but sadly also suggest the wrong ones since it's partly from previously used tags too.

That is actually a great idea! =)

Either they have been caught or no one cares about PoB anymore. It kind of tanked after the big hype at the beginning. I think there was some controversy surrounding it.

Yeah - they all ended up on Blurt - and then caused issues there too :D

Haha, so true!

I expect that either people get the tag right or the bot has already caught them. I may run some stats on how many people are using the tag. I can see that I have not made a huge amount from it, so is it even worth it?


No, like I said, there was some drama and the token basically tanked. There was a time when it was pretty highly valued though.

The token is not that useful really, so it's not surprising the price dropped. I may sell some as I need to get funds for Hivefest.

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I was getting those errors on my scripts for a while but they have vanished recently. Mine was the ausbitbank node.

I just tried it with, but getting lots of errors. With https it didn't connect at all.

Hilarious bot project :D

I am keen to learn, Steve! Plenty of ideas but doesn’t know what is possible.

Anything you do on Hive can be automated, so find a simple idea and try it. My code is there for others to use.

It is the funnies bot every! thanks for creating it!


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