Tubular Complex - A Wild Sprite Hub area update

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So after been around the south of France for one week one thought kept crawling under the sealine of the blue coast...why the hell everything always break back and take me two step back?
Last week I was ready to release the update but at the last moment the web version decided to make my effort invalid by making the one way wall not working for the web pages(the downloadable version still work strong).

To my surprise when I put myself to work on it the solution came in a bunch of minutes and mostly everything is fixed with the one way platforms

Somehow the web version of Gms 2 has some issues with the bbox built in variable that made the player immediatly slip away from the platform when he was sitting on it so I changed that the function now take in account the player vsp (for Vertical speed) and now it's back on track)

Tubular Complex


This is a wide view of the level past the Pipes wich is the intro level, for now the level is just a bunch of roads and platforms that make for somekind of path to the other areas. This is gonna be quite a challenge as for level design goes because it will be the first area were the player has to find it's route to where he wanna go and do in this world and I want to make it confusing but with a meaning to it's search. The Tubular Complex revolve around this giant glass pipes that traverse it from East to West and close to the entrance some of the people have built the Glass town of Miris, here many pass by and a few stop to live for a while making their heads around the Undergrounds. The Vitrorgan shapes the sound of this place with it's notes recorded by different people.

It's a huge work in progress and for now you can play around with some trinkets and make your way to the Chord's Bridge and Pine Peaks(there's an access to the desert but it take anywhere). I'm gonna slowly working toward the completion of this place but here having to balance indication, npc and some difficulty spikes in a such small place is gonna take it's time.


For now I hope you enjoy this quiet place and hit me with some feedback and worldbuilding tips as they are very welcome in this very moment!

A little showcase video and the link to the game page.


Have a goodday everybody!


This is amazing!

Ty 😁 glad you enjoyed