A Wild Sprite - A long journey [Rpg System]

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First off going into my 5th year on the Hive blockchain(I bundled up the time spent on what was of this blockchain before the fork from Steem) I have to say thank you for all the support, Hive has been something that really motivated me in pursuing all this stuff and has made it's influence a monetary resource too.
I could not make a living out of it but it has been a very nice support. Mostly though a thanks to the people of the community as whole. I don't know what the future holds but I hope to see even more interaction beetwen users!

Thanks from Eggo too


Today I want to show you just the first prototype of the rpg system that I will add to A Wild Sprite. It struck me this days as I'm making the first main hub area of the game.
This will be a side thing as most of the features and addition I will make to the game, if one take on the fighting spirit and want to challenge himself to be the best warrior will be able to do it without
using the rpg system. I want to add this one for no particular reason it's just that while I like jrpgs I was never fond of their fighting system but since I played Vagrant Story something clicked with it strange turn based combat but with a lot of nuances and positioning in addition to stats and damage.


My love then further increased when I played Fallout New Vegas as I felt that this stop the action and choose your skill can be really great if seamlessy integrated in anykind of game.
The addition to A Wild Sprite is totally optional and a secret to be found(it want be available from the get go) will make able to implement many kind of spells and skills that can be now choosen with no frenzy due to the slow motion effect. It will make the game easier probably and allow the player to broke the game further, but thats my goal to make a game that is made to be broken down to the very core by the player.

The template was easy enough to make.


I started by making a boxed sprite with the skills and had it to have 3 different images with different highlights for each.


Then I made an object using this sprite and having it the image_speed set to 0.
When is called with the left and right key it swap from one image to the other by changing image_index value.


at last I added to the obj_meta wich is the main controller for the game the instance to change the room_speed to 10(it means that the game start to run at 10 fps) and create the obj_rpgsys.
It destroy the instance obj_rpgsys and set back the room speed at 60 when is not pressed.

While working I'm not to sure of doing this by dropping the fps but is the easiest and the best solution for now.

Well stay tuned before next week end I want to drop the update that include the new Hub area the Tubolar Bells wich is a long time in the works.

Have a goodday everybody!

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