Leak -- Compromised MEMO key successfully detected

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It's a new day and another user leaked one of their private keys into the Hive Blockchain.


private MEMO key

HOW: in a transfer operation

The compromised account owner has now been notified in multiple ways. The identity of the user will be disclosed only in the monthly report in order to give them time to address the issue.

Compromised account stats:

  • Reputation: 47

  • Followers: 10

  • Account creation: 8/2021

  • Last social action on chain: 2022/3/19

  • Estimated account value: $ 24.64

Top 5 private ACTIVE keys protected:

1. @nextgen622: ~$ 28,000
2. @cryptoandcoffee:
~$ 8,400
3. @runridefly:
~$ 3,300
4. @globalmerchantio: ~$ 250

5. @j3dy: ~$ 120 (500 HIVE automatically protected for 9 days)

Keys-Defender features:

- Keys protection [live scan of transfers/posts/comments/other_ops. Warnings (reply and memo), auto-transfers to savings until fully restored, auto-reset of keys, ..] {see automatic posts on leak and monthly reports}
- Phishing protection [live scan of comments and posts to warn users against known phishing campaigns and compromised domains or accounts, scan of memos and auto-replies, anti phishing countermeasures - eg. fake credentials]
- Re-posting detection [mitigates the issue of re-posters]
- Code injection detection [live scan of blocks for malicious code targeting dapps of the Hive ecosystem]
- Anti abuse efforts [counteracts spam from hive haters and milking campaigns]

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- Delegations:
10, 50, 100
500 HP, 1000 HP
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It is my understanding that even a memo key can be dangerous when lost.

It allows to decrypt all the messages (if any) that the user encrypted with it. And there is no way back. Once the key is leaked all the previous encrypted messages are compromised too and there is no way to prevent that. So yes, pretty dangerous if someone put sensitive information in an encrypted memo or other blockchain operations.

It seems like I read something about people being able to insert trojan horse-type programs with the memo key once as well.

That seems odd, got a link?

I do not sorry, it was a Hive post I believe that was talking about it though.