PyCharm Up and Running Finally

in Programming & Dev10 months ago

Hi fellow Programmers,

Today I wanted to share a fun update to my programming journey: have the software now!


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Right Tools

So one of the things that I've been trying to get better at is getting myself the right tools.

I have finally got the right software and figured out what to do on my computer to get an IDE installed! I am assuming everyone in the programming community knows what an IDE is but I'm not a programmer by nature so I had some schooling to do for some of this stuff.


Got my first script to run, score!


Now to spend some time getting into more complicated code. This might seem pretty noob shit for the good coders here but for me this is the start of my journey!


Finished the formal course material a week or so ago today. That's just the nice, cute little thing to have on file. It proves I did the material however as we all know, education and utility are two entirely different animals.


I am trying to spend some time each night doing some more material for the SoloLearn modules. They have been very helpful so I think it’s good for me to keep doing that. PyCharm is loaded on my work laptop so I can’t use it in the evening since it’s hooked up and I don’t feel like disconnecting it. Having different abilities as far as options available to keep doing coding is helpful. I haven’t been able to do as much as I want lately but I try to do at least something.

Are there risks for me downloading something from the Python website for other peoples code? I want to have a basis to start some of this stuff but I don’t want to start from complete scratch so just looking for tips on that. I have to download NumPy but I’m not sure other libraries to look for.

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Well done @CmplXty!.....And don't forget EVERYONE was a noob coder at the start of their journey!

Thanks for the encouragement! It helps for sure. It's a great journey and one I'm glad I'm starting now. It's been on my agenda for a while!