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Like seriously, you make me feel like picking up from where I stopped. I learned javascrip last year but the last time. I did anything was December. I've almost forgot everything. Only Html and css still rings well in my head.

Pls, I would want you to do me a favour. Since you just start learning C programming, could you add a special tag to all your post on it heceforth so I could find them when I'm ready to move on with my coding training? I like the way you explained every step and I'm sure it would help alot. Thanks so much.


Sure, I would think of a tag then add to it. When I have, I would come back to this comment. Thanks for the comment...

Thank so much.

Hey brother! I have made a new tag called learn-cpl... I would be updating all my articles relating to C programming language on that tag!

That's fantastic bro. I will really keep in touch and let you know when I start. I appreciate you big time. One love bro.