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RE: New ban lists and commands: !scam, !unsafe, !hacked, !info

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Good work @keys-defender.

  • Is all of this open source?

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No, for obvious security reasons (eg. black hats could simply clone my repo and try to be faster than me, they could find bugs/vulnerabilities, etc etc)

Hmmm, but if its not open source, each abuse fighter and front-end team, must build from scratch.

  • If they want their own abuse fighting team.

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For new abuse fighter groups yes. It’s all in the @keys-defender code base so I cannot open up that repository.

Frontends can directly consume my banlists or the other banlists offered by the other groups (the 4 links are in Louis88’s article about phishing). If they integrate my universal script that will be done out of the box with all available ban lists. I’m a bit behind on that but v2 will come out soon (got distracted by adding new countermeasures in my code against farming).


Nice! And yeah, that's true.

  • I will try to have @dbuzz create open-source tools so that there is a smaller barrier-to-entry for abuse fighters.

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