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RE: Elixir Comprehensions - The "for" macro

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Hello again. Thanks for sharing this in the Programming community. While I won't be trying it at the moment, I'd love to see what you come up with!


It is plagiarism. Please check the Hivewatchers source in te comment below (this post was edited later).

Hi there,

I did look at the post history and I understand where you are coming from. The text portion of the post is quite similar to that of the documentation (and could've been lifted - which I wouldn't approve) but I like to err on the safe side and I've written reports about computing concepts (for college) with over 25% "plagerised" text because some concepts can't be explained in a different way. I would like to see this content improve. I weighted it myself off of the fact that he had understood it (so it seems, I can't write elixr) and provided unique examples (yes the first example is the same as the documentation I am aware).

I hope we can come to a reasonable understanding together, if you think I'm talking out of my ass and it is plagerised, that's a fair opinion to have. I'm just talking from my perspective.

To @nolyoi:
I am really glad that you posted in the programming community and showed your understanding of the subject matter by providing unique examples. If the text is lifted, this is something that shouldn't be done in future posts. I sure know writing isn't my forté (and this is probably the most elegant post I've written in the past year 😂) but unique content is important.

Many thanks,
~ CA


As you see in post history, this user edited parts after being caught.

"if you think I'm talking out of my ass and it is plagerised"

Not at all :-)

When I looked at plagiarism in this post, I also took into account copypasta/plagiarism found in 2 other posts published by this user. This suggested that it was not a one-off mistake.

Hello again,

I have now taken some time to look at previous posts, and I must admit your argument is pretty convincing. I even found this post about the enum module that seems to co-incide a lot with Nolyoi's Post. The uniswap post isn't even code related and looks like a pretty like-for like copy with some words removed.

I am going to see about getting the OCD vote removed and then I will hide this post within the community.

Many thanks for the help,
~ CA