250 years from now may seem like a really long year but it certainly will come. With the constant rotation of the earth around the sun there is bound to be movement of time albeit slowly to some people and fleeting to others but certainly.

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Imagining what the world will look like from 250 years from now is as fascinating as it is scary. Comparing it to the society we have now, one can only have great hopes and expectations. Surely, there will be some good left in the world and perhaps who knows, more evil.

One thing is certain though, 250 years from now, the world population must have increased by trillions as technology would have devised a means to cheat death and keep people young forever. I see a world where humanity is forced to look for another inhabitation because the earth will be full and will not be enough to contain all humans. I foresee Mars finally being the next earth with so many inhabitants. Mars would have been perfectly developed with skyscrapers and social amenities to serve mankind. Perhaps scientists at that time will be looking at other planets and the possibility of an invasion. That's if all planets haven't been invaded.

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The ever growing science and technology would have made so many sophisticated inventions. The world now, there are lots of communication gadgets like phones and laptops. In 250 years, there will be none of these gadgets since these gadgets seem to be growing smaller with each passing year.

I foresee the ability to make calls without any traditional telecommunications infrastructure but by inserting a chip into your body which will be wired into the bloodstream like a sensor that causes vibration all through the body once there is a call. I still haven't figured out how to hear the person speaking. It will be connected to the retina so all calls are a video call.

I see quantum computers taking over with extraordinary brains and ability to complete tasks that the ordinary computer cannot perform. A chip will be placed through a lens in one's retina with an AI attached to it that does the function of making the computer visible to be used. Television will cease to exist as future augmented reality glasses (AR) will be available to bring forth a flat screen display suspended on air each time you desire to watch movies with a simple voice command.

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In 250 years from now, we will have self-driving automobiles that move without engines once it detects a heartbeat..a car powered by heartbeat. These cars will move faster when you are excited and slower when you are sad . The cars will have flying options and options of moving underneath water.

There will be so many wonders of the world. People will be able to live and work inside the sea as the land would have been entirely occupied. I see a world where water will no longer be a barrier and humans will learn to adapt like fishes due to some sophisticated inventions. The moon also would have been invaded and occupied by humans.

The ozone layer would prolly be almost depleted causing a massive increase in climate change but then houses would have been made with green walls covered with plants. The roads will be covered with green walls and the streets so as to cushion the effect of the ever depleting ozone layer.

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Food will no longer be grown on soil. Food will be grown in the air through some biochemical engineering and because air is surplus, everyone will learn to grow their own food and food will also be surplus. There will be depletion of animals for protein as many of them would have become extinct but I suppose the laboratory will figure out how to create animals using some cells to ensure that humans do not run out of protein.

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AI will take over and there will be lots of robots and I fear there just might be robot invasion. I foresee robot controlled houses and cars. Lots of humans would lose their jobs but I'm sure finance will no longer be a problem.

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Relationships will suffer the most. With the rate of moral decadence and increase in divorce rate, the next 250 years will have lots of single parents and people not desirous of marriage. There will be more and more sex toys that will feel and act exactly like human. One will not need to be in a relationship to be sexually satisfied. There will also be robots that can help one make babies and cloning devices will be very affordable should one decide to clone oneself to create children.

In 250 years time, technology would have produced more sophisticated weapons for fighting wars. Many countries will be completely wiped out and cease to exist.

Crime rate will be on the increase because there will be easier ways to commit crimes but also so will be crime fighting rate as the police force will be filled with AIs that will help in fighting crime.

Healthcare will be sophisticated and well improved with the presence of AI immunity systems that will detect and eliminate threatening health issues. Infant mortality rate will be non-existent as babies will be born without any complications.

250 years from now, the world may just an entirely new order.

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Explain what you believe our world and society may be like in 250 years from today. How has humanity progressed or regressed, what's the financial situation, how has the environment coped or changed with the passing of 250 years and what technologies have we gained or lost. Is humanity better off now or then? Explain your answer. You can write a fiction if you like, or give us your personal views.


You have a very lofty imagination of the future... Food grown in the air?

Mehn, I am still trying to imagine it...


Well, technology has taught me that nothing is impossible. It only takes time and effort to discover ways to achieving it.


Well... Somethings are impossible and no improvement on technology can change that. We can only find alternate possibilities but the subject in question remains unchanged.

Humans still can't fly the way birds can. It was impossible 100yrs ago, it still is impossible.

We can fly, only with the help of a machine.