Weekend Work in the Docks, finishing early and popping in to Sword and Board


Good day guys and girls of Hive! Zak Ludick here from Cape Town South Africa. It has been a real struggle to blog consistently like I usually do because I am currently working on a big project in Cape Town Harbour in the dry dock.

When working here you work a 12 hour shift from 7am till 7pm. There is an hour lunch and there is around 2-3 hours dedicated to safety. Because its necessary.

On top of that I am working Monday to Sunday and now it is Wednesday again already. This coming weekend, I shall be working again!

Have a look at some of the sights that you get to see there:

A long way down to the dry dock bottom. Yes that is a crane!

The range of blocks you see there are called chocks and the ship I am standing on is standing on a bunch of those.

Beyond the wall there is another vessel in Dry dock and then yet another wall, keeping the sea out.

Check where these guys are standing! That is 7 storeys down should they fall past that railing!

Trying to give you an idea of how big all of this is without leaning out over the side of the ship here...

However, work ended early on the Sunday!

Look how happy I am! Just for a half day off, I suddenly had a little WEEKEND where I thought I would get none at all!

I saw on a whatsapp group that there was a battle going on at the Sword and Board hobby shop so I popped in there for a quick cooldrink and a visit to see the battle!

This is Leagues of Votann vs the Chaos Space Marines. I was very interested to watch this battle since I have just started collecting Votann myself.

Here we see an Einhyr Champion being charged by Lucius the Eternal! They killed one another.

A big squad of Chaos Terminators, ready to rip that Land Fortress to pieces!

Uthar the Destined is surrounded by foes!

There are the players, busy packing away and tallying up their scores.

There is now a lot of new Votann miniatures on the shelves! I will need to blog really hard in order to afford that. lol

I will have to do a lot of 40k posts!


Hive South Africa


Wow, the dock is really kicking off so well. Goodluck with the construction.


Not looking forward to the nonsense here but yeah, got to get it all done.

Good luck with the project.
You are indeed happy about the early close of work, and glad you enjoyed your day.

Yes. I will be happy also to go home normal times again. I miss my family.

Thank you for stopping by!

Family is the best gift ever.
Do enjoy your time with them.

Fantastic worksite and that looks like an interesting table-top game.

Thanks. It is a challenging workplace.

The tabletop is a lot of fun. 😁

It's a lot of work in progress.
Best wishes with the project.

Thanks 🍻

Good to see you get some weekend Zak. You doing 7 days 12hr shifts with no days off?

I havent done that for a while! Keep up the good work.

That is correct... killer work hours.

Your smile is nice
It good those breaks are important
In such hard labor job . You guys have longer days. It light out when finished.?


I wake up in darkness and get home in darkness.

On site there is a little bit of light left when I finish.

Makes sense

I hope Elon Mush never gets invloved in a scandal
Elongate could be really drawn out.

Credit: mrhuman88
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Some pretty great paint jobs on those miniatures!


Even though I do not like Chaos... the Chaos paintjob was very cool!