Weekend Engagement 109 - Future nostalgia and Talking objects (2022.07.10)

The Weekend Engagement 109 by @galenkp.

There were five topics, from which we can choose on the 109th edition of the Weekend Engagement, and I choose the Future nostalgia, and the Talking objects.

The future nostalgia

We all have things from the past we are nostalgic about...But what things from 2022 do you think people might be nostalgic over in 50 years from now? You can answer generally or what you think you may feel nostalgic over personally...Explain your answer.

Well. One thing is sure. The European Union (EU) is banned the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035. The technology is constantly improving. Many people love petrol and diesel cars. Many of them love their sounds. The electric vehicles probably will take the majority of the market share 50 years later, and probably a lot of people will think about the petrol and diesel cars with nostalgic feelings.

A parking lot and chargers for electric vehicles in front of an Interspar supermarket in Szolnok, Hungary, near the train station.


I took these photos today. There were no electric cars in this parking lot at this moment. But probably we will see them more and more often in the future, as they become more and more common.

And with the improvement of the technology, something else, something different, something new, something more effective (than electric cars) could also appear. Something which we currently do not even know, and we do not even think about. 50 years is actually a very long time, and thus very hard to predict what kind of technological improvements will bring the future on this scale. Probably there will be a point in the future, when even the electric cars will become nostalgic things.

On a personal level, I will be able to feel nostalgic about many things. Softwares, video games, films, TV series, music, books, even about places. One of my favorite restaurant in Szolnok, Hungary has been closed in the recent past. The Törpe Ételbár (Dwarf Food Bar). I loved this place. I ate in it for years. I heard that it will reopen under a new brand with a new owner. But probably that will not be same. Probably I will miss it within one year, and probably I will think about it with a very pleasant nostalgic feeling. This restaurant is probably already giving nostalgic feelings, because it was in the city for more than 40 years. Since the 1980s. I currently do not know the exact year. But it is an old restaurant. Older than even me. I will be 30 years old on 2022.09.17.

As of today (on 2022.07.10), the Törpe Ételbár sign is still present on the building of the restaurant.

But there is another sign. "Grand Opening. Soon Jopi Főzelékfaló will open".

Yes. This will be the new name of this restaurant. Jopi Főzelékfaló. I think that the old name is much better, but let us not judge the book by its cover. Maybe the new restaurant will be similarly/equally good as the old, or even better than it. We will see.

The talking objects

What inanimate (non-living) item do you think would be interesting or funny if it could talk? Explain the item, what it does and give us some examples of what it might say should it be able to talk.

For example the refrigerator. Just imagine that it would remind you the expiration date of the things you store in it. Or if something is starting to run "out of stock". The refrigerator could even order them for you. And it could also give you tips on what to cook, based on what you store in it and in your home. It could also give you diet tips, weight losing tips, whatever you need about foods and about eating. I have many ideas, and maybe some of them are not even that futuristic.

And a funny idea. Toys. Plushies. For example a toy dog, cat, teddy bear, etc. They could tell you various stores, or anything you like. With the emergence of artificial intelligence, maybe they will even be able to make interactive stories. This will be funny for children in the future. I am almost sure that there will be something like this.

And another interesting idea. Talking tools. For example an intelligent broom and an intelligent mop. Imagine asking them to clean your room, and that they would clean it for you, working together, telling you how long the cleaning will last, etc.

This last one is probably a complete sci-fi, but it is interesting to think about. Speaking, intelligent tools could save a lot of time for us.

I have many more ideas, but this post is already more than 600 words long, and I do not want to write a complete book in this post, so this is it for the current weekend engament post from me.

Hopefully at least a part of it made you think and smile.

Have a nice day and have a nice weekend.
All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.



The original #weekend-engagement concept by @galenkp featured in the

Image belongs to @galenkp

People will no doubt be nostalgic about petrol cars in the future, I can already imagine myself explaining to my future grandkids how we use petrol to power our vehicles in the future.

Maybe not so soon, but electric vehicles will dominate the market in the future. And then probably something else will come. Something new. Something better. Something, which we currently maybe do not even think about.

An excellent post for new ideas and information regarding electric vehicles.

I think as more electric vehicles enter the markets, there will be more need for upgradation of utility infrastructure for electricity demand. This is one of the big considerations for how governments will cope with the rising electricity demands after a complete electric powered ecosystem.

Wish you a nice Sunday.


Thinking about it more, I think that the electric vehicles in the future will probably generate electricity with solar panels and with wind turbines, and/or with other means, so probably there will be no (or very little need) for chargers. We will see.


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