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RE: 1% Compounding Interest in Yourself for 2022


Improving and investing in ourselves is probably the best thing we can do, last year has also been a game changer for me, trying to improve everyday and be better than I was yesterday, only comparing myself to me, raising my values and focusing on me.

Cleaning apartment was also one of my ways I started the day right. Improvements and growth helps us make a better world out there and live in the moment.
Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work



That is so good to hear. I have been trying to start the day with at least making my bed. We were in a hurry today and I didn't do it. Now, I feel unfinished. I can feel the difference. That is a good things. It means I have been making changes and not just completing tasks. I hope you have experienced the same.

Bed is exackly where I started my journey of improvement! Wow I can totally relate to your anwser.

It means I have been making changes and not just completing tasks.

Yes! I feel exackly the same when I steer off my path to goals and achievements, few tiny slips make me feel unfinished and unsatisfied, but without any extra pressure, because new days when I do everything as planned and complete, the full experience of positive energy and good feeling from it is a true reward and want to do it again and again, because it feels and I know that is good for me/us/ everyone :)

It's been very nice meeting you!


Tha I you so much! I agree with you, and I look forward to more interactions in the future.