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RE: Weekend-engagement topic week 38: Inventions

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Haha I know you guys don't like durian...well, just give it a try...first time the smell horrible...second time the smell still terrible ..again third time...oh man smell actually not bad...and then many times later you will love it...😀😄
The coconut coffee very delicious
Yes sure @Galenkp, meet up have a coffee tell lies and yes write a Hive post. I'm going to bring some more talkative people here soon...Like @dandays said, I bring one person each week..haha Wait and see tomorrow any new face here haha


Lol...Yeah they sell it here and it's...Smelly. I'm not sure I'd be able to go through the desensitisation process and break through to the sweet spot when it starts to be good. Lol. I'll try it, I promise...Just can't promise any more than that.

You've been doing really well with onboarding...Make sure to support them as they start off and get established. Don't over-promise them either. Make sure they get that it's not a get-rich-quick scheme. ✅ Good work though.

haha we stayed in a place in Malaysia that had a no durian sign on the entrance, I guess they didn't appreciate the stink

Well, you will be get 500 $ fine if you carry durian on train or bus in
I miss durian in Davao. 😊 I was lucky to stay in Davao Sep & Oct 2019 and just durian season...yummy!!!

yummy but stinky