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These are the most steps I have taken this year I think (which is shameful) and I had a person half my height along for the entire ride, so I am guessing Smallsteps did almost twice as many. We swam in the pool morning and evening also, and she was doing doggy paddle laps with floaties on her arms.

She is asleep.



Our first night in the hotel was a bit of an adventure too - for me at least. I tried to go to bed at the reasonable time (three hours earlier than normal) of 11 pm, only to wake as expected before 2 am. I don't know why - it doesn't matter how tired I am.

I finally fell back to sleep at 4ish only to be awoken ten minutes later when Smallsteps fell out of bed. She is used to having a side on the bed and the hotel one doesn't have one, so with all her tossing and turning - I awoke to a very loud bang. Luckily, she was unhurt and after a quick pee, she fell straight back to sleep, unlike her father.


Today's adventure began with a swim, a hotel continental breakfast (where Smallsteps ate more than me), a walk to the train station and then to our destination for the day - Heureka, an interactive science museum.

I had a feeling that it would be a bit over her head and she would get bored within an hour, but we were there for four hours and she was protesting us leaving, until she was given the choice that if we stayed, we'd have to skip the evening swim, as the pool is only open for two hours between 5-7.

An easy choice.

Honestly though, I would have liked to have stayed at the museum also, as some of the things there were a lot of fun.

Like this:


There were balsa wood bases, wooden wheels, screws and hooks, rubber bands and bolts to build race cars from. There were three tracks (Smallsteps starting one below) to race on, with them having a digital timer to see how fast they could go. After our first attempto was 4.33 seconds, she really got into it and we built a few more throughout the day and got it down to 2.83 - fair enough, Smallsteps didn't do much of the planning or execution, but she was loving it and wanted to keep going back there to play some more.


She and I have fun wherever we go, because I essentially make everything an adventure and give the things we do a "persona" that she can interact with. So today, everything she was playing with had a funny voice and some kind of character that helped her understand what was happening - like sinking a boat (pictured below) by filling the water with bubbles.


There were lots of things to interact with there and test, so I would read her the task and then ask her to predict what she thought was going to happen. Occasionally she was right, but most of the time he was surprised by the results and would test it again and again.


There is also an ongoing display with a natural disaster theme with a light display for water, wind, fire and earth that she really got into. She connected with the water one the most, but also loved the fire display. Again, we visited it a few times and she just sat in there, listening to the waves and making whale noises.


One thing that surprised me was that we watched it the first time and she immediately retained the entire pattern, knowing when her favorite bit was coming up, as well as mine. Pattern recognition used to be one of my strengths - the stroke killed it.






There were some pretty cool exhibits there and I wish I had taken pictures of more of them, as I think they would be good for posts, but I was too busy having fun with Smallsteps to take the camera all of the time.

This one was a bit morbid, where the ball bearings represented people and the job was to direct them with some inadequate fins to try and save as many as possible from different levels of suffering. Smallsteps didn't get what it was really about, but enjoyed the challenge nonetheless.



And then, there were some rats. She was thrilled about this as these are close enough to mice in her opinion, but she was surprised at how big a few of them were. They had been trained to do various tasks like put a ball through a hoop, but they only do that sometimes, so we just got to watch them get fed and play - they were happy little things!


And speaking of patterns, there was also a "wood" exhibit that was pretty cool, where they showed different sides to wood production, including all the different ways they can cut logs into lumber. We also got to design and laser engrave a wooden disc, which Smallsteps enjoyed a lot too, but the line got too long for her to do it again.

I just liked the uniform patterns of things around the place, and there was something calming about the smell of sawn wood. It reminded me of my grandad and his workshop when I was a kid.



But as you can see, she was one happy little camper for the day, but as we were walking to the hotel after dinner, she began to cry. I asked why and it was because we only have one morning left before we have to go home again.

She has liked the trip at least,


I have too and while I am tired, I am really glad that we have done it and I am happy she was able to put up with me for a couple days. Several times a day I have thanked her for spending the time with me and she has thanked me for making this happen. She has been really sweet and the only tears there have been is because our holiday is drawing to a close and I think we all know what that feels like -

So she has learned something.

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She is so cute and I wanted to say that it must have been special to have this much one-on-one time with her dad ( and vice versa ) and then I read the last paragraph :<)

I have made sure that I haven't worked at all while she is awake, and when I am with her, I am with her. It has been great to have this time and it will be interesting to see what happens when we are back home again.

I have made sure that I haven't worked at all while she is awake, and when I am with her, I am with her.

That sounds like the right thing to do. In the end we're all creatures longing for attention and giving us much of that to others as we can, is what real love is.

The switch to back home will be interesting, indeed but I'm sure it has strenghtened your bond even more.

She was pretty whiny when at home - but also quite tired and I think the change from "holiday" to lameass home got to her. I know the feeling.

Yay for the trip!

I had to laugh to myself yesterday when she was explaining to me and showing me how she fell out of bed. She seemed very relaxed and talkative, (outgoing) on the video chat and I'm glad I had a little companion for most of my hike.

I think the trip to Helsinki has been a big winner!

It was a nice trip all and all, though I haven't enjoyed getting back home and straight into work to prepare for tomorrow. been at it for a few hours already and have a few more to come.

Will aim to do this again though, just choose the time when it is better suited for me.

You should take a little time more often. Just saying.

Heureka looks amazing. Wish we had something like that here. Trying to think of places to bring my little ones this week and we are struggling especially because the weather is bad here.

It was a lot of fun there and I do think there should be more similar places around - I think it is pretty decent for dads too :)

One thing that surprised me was that we watched it the first time and she immediately retained the entire pattern, knowing when her favorite bit was coming up, as well as mine.

Children can be like a sponge to remember things. It is amazing and encouraging, yet they are still very impressionable and it is our responsibility to steer them the right direction.

I am looking forward to see what stuck with her over the coming weeks. She tends to let things mull for a while.

she was doing doggy paddle laps with floaties on her arms

That's a dangerous level of cute, how are you still alive?

There were some pretty cool exhibits there and I wish I had taken pictures of more of them, as I think they would be good for posts

Having fun in the moment is more important. This will only become an issue if you decide to homeschool and you need them for reporting (or at the very least to jog your memory for reporting).

Sounds like an enjoyable trip :)

That's a dangerous level of cute, how are you still alive?

It was amazing to see her confidence build in the few sessions we had there - and the "sharks are coming to get me" calls were the best!

Aaaahhhhh XD

It seems you spent good times with her. You have just been a Dady-Daugter :) As time goes by, this will form the her husband-to-be in her mind.

By the way, why don't you use Actifit DApp for counting of steps?

I don't use actifit because the last time I used it a million years ago it killed my phone battery life. Also, is there a point to it? I see people still posting actifit daily posts - but it seems spammier than ever since I think the team aren't doing much of note.

I occaaionally use it to just write a post on HIVE. Right, it drains the battery. Also, the support from its team is not much and the token of which is not valueable.

"While diving, drinking milk", I remember that positive saying when I was in elementary school. A female teacher told us what to do when we visited an agricultural fair. Maybe it means we will play while studying there. We have to get more than benefit from 1 activity done.

At that time, my attention was more focused on the teacher's husband who was very busy with his camera, rather than paying attention to the agricultural products displayed there. It was normal for me because I also lived in an agricultural area at that time.

A year later, my teacher's husband already owns a large agricultural processing factory. My hunch was that it was science from a visit to the farm exhibition the other day, but he was "while diving, drinking milk".

It seems that you are also doing the same thing Mr. @tarazkp. You are also "while diving, drinking milk".

That is an interesting saying!

I think there is always space to learn, no matter what activity is being done - it is just that most of us waste the opportunities we have.

Very reinforcing to say "there is always room for learning"

...and everyone has their own opportunities, but most are afraid of taking risks. You're more daring to call it "a wasted opportunity."

Often times when you see other people doing things you don't want to do, you're always going to say "if only I did that..."

😭😭😭😭 So much fun. I wish I could go back to being a child and not worry about where the next meal would come or what to do tomorrow... I'll just follow daddy everywhere he goes...

I envy Small steps...


I don't know about your childhood, but I am glad I am not back in mine. I think Smallsteps is pretty lucky though :)

I am pretty sure she really had fun with all this adventures she witness which is really lovely and exciting to make her day awesome.

Kids need time where someone makes them the center of attention. I like doing that for her.

Great to have these wonderful times with your little one.

yes it is!

I really liked this wonderful moments in museum with different games, I don't like large rats. I'm sure she enjoyed this wonderful day

btw, I get the feeling that you and worldstories are the same person.

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Although the place is full of fun games and provides all requirements for comfort, sleep is the only thing that you will not find comfort except in your home, do you agree with me?

She enjoys the process of learning.

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