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RE: Rains and Floods and Seatbelts, Childhood Survival Reminiscing

I only have pictures of the creek in its current condition because of a trip we happened to be making when this challenge from @galenkp came out. Serendipitous? Yes, I think so.

Life really is funny like that, isn't it?

Seatbelts, huh? I was already thinking it before you asked the question... Imagine kids today? haha. You are so right though, we were forged through such experiences and there seemed to be a heck of a lot more resilience and lateral thinking among even younger kids way back. There are many improvements to parenting nowadays, no doubt but we have certainly lost some things too.

Awesome to meet you Becca, I'm sure we will cross paths (if not creeks on seatbelts!!!) many times in the coming months and years. It seems Hive is lucky to have you among us 🙂


Aw, thank you so much! I can't believe we happened to be traveling to the area the same weekend this prompt came about. We drove for 24 hours, and we couldn't get into our house yet because others were stick in traffic-so we drove my old homestead to get these pics. So crazy+
I agree that there are so many things kids can't do-not because they are incapable- bit because there are societal repercussions in part. I try to let my kids experience a lot when and where I can. I want.them to have an amazing childhood.

Yeah, society puts barriers on what they think people can accomplish in general. It's the crab in a bucket effect...