Exploring New Car Washing Shop in Our Area.


Modern advanced technology is what keeping the people of small city / town apart from big city. While the big metro cities enjoy bouqutte of facilities, small town people needs to travel far off to avail some of the services. And when they get some of the facilities in their own door step, they never let it slip out of their hands.

Same thing happened in our town, when we have a new car wash shop opened in our area who gives good modern services to customer. And me and my cousin went straightway to get the services done this Sunday. We reached early to avoid any weekend rush.


We do have the car wash shops in our area but they use the manual way of cleaning the exterior as well the interior. But thanks to the pandemic, many people come back to their home with a dream as well learning many new and innovative ways of services. The more special way about this shop is that they using the hydraulic machine to lift the car and diffferrnt machine to clean the vehicle. This is also first time I am seeing a hydraulic machine in action.


The mechanic, place our car in a designated space on the ground and press few buttons on machine. And we saw our car lifting up above the ground. Great to see some innovative technology in our small town.


Once the car is lifted in air, it was thoroughly checked and then the Wasserman, started to put high pressure water onto the vehicle. It was a high pressure of water that was sprayed into all sides of the vehicle. Especially at the bottom to clean all mud and dirts


I notice it was a small machine and not like the tradional heavy machine. The machine has "amfos" and used to spray water. It was duly connected with a water supply and the outlay was like a gun shape handle. Which is more convenient to hold.


The same machine is used to spary cleansing foam.on the vehicle. It was kind of shampoo mix, filled in a bottle and sprayed through the same machine that sprayed water.


The Wasserman then rubbed the entire vehicle with a dry cloth to clean all dirt and the cleansing foam. Once done, it was again washed with water sprayer.


The dual cleaning made it look shining in a moment of time. Our car gone through 3 layers of washing, firstly water, then, washing foam, and again with water before drying it with dry cloth. Once they done with the exterior cleaning. They bring back the vacuum cleaning machine


The vacvume machine if of same brand as that of the sparying water machine. It was big , yet light and having rolling wheel at the bottom.


They soon cleaned the dirt from all over the interior part. It took us complete 2 hrs for availing their services. At a mere cost of Rs.350/- I don't think it was bad bet. A normal car wash in our area charges Ra 250/- and a little Rs.100 ensures a better services and people are eagerly ready to pay that.


After spending 2 hrs we returned home happily. Quite satisfied with the car washing services and more happy having a modern technology in our area. And we do not need to travel long distances to get the work done. Exploring this new shops in our area keep me pretty occupied this Sunday.


Namaste @steemflow


It's a beautiful thing having technologies in our city of residence. I actually do admire the method of car washing in your city. It's quite satisfactory.

This is first of its kind set up , so we were too exciting to get the job done.

That's lovely.

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