Weekend Engagement topic #2 (Technology I Can’t Live Without) Do you ?

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We can not live without technology but we are trying to learn how to live without it technically we can live without it but if you will imagine the route without technology you will confuse if a work we can do with our finger tips and also google then it will be so weard definitely technology it is providing us a luxury life but we are going to be lazy even take an example of the past if someone wants to go any where they try to go by feet and now just start your car and go any where even now we ca not know how to drive there are self driving cars you have to tell and select the your destination .there are so many diseases are common due to this technology like your eye damage, obesity, mentally ill , cancer.
Even though you can not get proper and natural food. Which is really harmful. But also the the other side of technology is really appreciated because we are reaching at the mars the other planet through the technology and over body is in your pocket if you want to talk just dial the number and talk but without technology that was so impossible there are so many benefits of technology. So what do you think is it good are not just tell what ever you think in comment box lets see which point is winning


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With respect sir, using the word weekend in your title doesn't constitute weekend-related content. Your post has nothing to do with the weekend so is not actually an appropriate post for this community.

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Thank you sir for you guidance i will follow the rules insha Allah

Thank you, I appreciate it.