SQUID: “Superconducting Quantum Interference Device”

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¡Pay Attention please!

Howdy! yesterday, it occurred to me to write a flamboyant article of those usual of mine to make you think. Yeah, I can't help it. If they are not to make you think... then, what's the point of writing them and sharing them publicly? ¿Huh?

The thing is that today, which is Saturday and therefore weekend. Once I totally woke up, one of the first things I did was connect and surf to Hive to see what the heck was new. And then, I stumbled across a couple of posts that I found interesting enough as to continue with my always endless flamboyant spiel.

The first of them that I read was from my dear friend & poet @tezmel whose title is: "The Disturbed Seeker" and the second one was from our well known G-Dog whose title is: "Perception: You idiot" and I really recommend that you take a good look at them. So, any complaints you may have from what you are about to read below, it's only their fault and I would suggest you address them to let them know. Hahahaha

Let's start...

Have you ever jacked in? Have you ever wire tripped? No? [smirk] A virgin brain. Well, we’re gonna start you off right. This isn’t like “TV only better”, this is life. Yeah, this is a piece of somebody’s life. Pure and uncut, straight from the cerebral cortex. You’re there! You’re doing it, seeing it, hearing-hearing it. You’re feeling it. It’s about the stuff you can’t have, right? Like running into a liquor store with a .357 magnum in your hand, feeling the adrenaline pumping through your veins.

Yeah, I suppose that after this brief "eyecandy" introduction you could very easily relate everything that you are going to read below with what is currently happening to us in all parts of the world.

Things like the pandemic, quarantines, confinement, vaccine mandates, Covid passports, authoritarian government control, the economy and finances of the great population in ruins and a long list of things that you can even read also in Hive through the plethora of articles of many authors who write on this subjects here.

But nope, not mine. At least not in this one today. Since I also write sometimes on these sort of worrisome subjects. But as many of you know, my favorite subject of conversation. In the content that I often create and write is that in which I always intend to make you think and sometimes laugh, but almost always trying to pop up awareness. Awareness about our human communications and values system.

So, going back to the concepts expressed in my post yesterday. I think it will be more relevant today to focus in continue with that topic: "Human communication and understanding" which I suspect will be a bit more interesting and entertaining.


With a SQUID deck, you could record every moment of your waking life without the inauthenticity and awkwardness that comes with holding up a camera. You just wear a wig, and no one would even know they were being filmed. And then you could play back your recordings whenever you chose, as often as you wanted, wherever you want. ¿Sounds compelling to you?

Well, as I mentioned in my post yesterday. One of the greatest difficulties in human communication and understanding is our obvious inability to be able to transmit, transfer, upload, implant and run exactly the very same unique, exclusive and unrepeatable tiny movie stored in our heads charged with all our perceptions and experiences into the head of others in an inalterable fashion. ¡Understanding!

With a SQUID device, it would let you experience the memories, feelings and whatnot of whichever recording you viewed as if they were your own. Yeah, even if you were not the original gadget wearer.

The idea that we should and must save and store a moment in time, is a part of the human condition dating back to the paintings of men slaying buffalos adorning the walls of caves. And communicate these experiences to others.

But today, cameras, then film, Hollywood movies, then videogames, then portable cameras installed in ubiquitous smartphones and then AR & virtual reality devices have all further enabled our ability to not just record stuff, but also remember them and not just remember, but also experience experiences.

We as a society, can’t let it go. It’s become apparent that the ubiquity of our mobile devices, their portability and their ease of use have made it so simple to capture every snippet of our lives, that we sometimes lose track of ourselves in our digital detritus.

Pics or it didn’t happen, as they say. If you think it, tweet it. Share it on Facebook or Hive. Like, save, record, watch, favorite, play, rewind, replay. We’ve already lost our ability to live in the moment.

By chance, is humanity already close to making each other understood with total precision and clarity? ¿Finally?

Oh! and by the way. I still have a couple of Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices over here in my place with little use that I'm selling pretty cheap. So if you are interested, please, just let me know here in the comment section. Bye! };)

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Nah ...

Of course, in the course of the day before yesterday to today, much of my memory is already clouded, blurred, and from twenty years ago to today: oh, my goodness. Probably not even a tenth of everything I remember is true. But that's the good thing about me: I determine my past and present all by myself. Others may not share my memories and then we argue about how it REALLY was. Haha! But this imperfect perfection of my mental capacity is now actually very vital for me. I end up having to remember the good exclusively and forget the bad - the unimportant anyway.

Of course, in the present I read C. G. Jung and I bring up what I have repressed and then I construct a reality to go with it, which I need more at present than the reality I had at the time. Such a SQUID would make me believe in precision and then I would believe the SQUID more than myself. That would be unattractive and of great disadvantage to everyone. Such a SQUID would record all unimportant and automatic actions, perhaps 0.1 per cent of which would be really funny or interesting and irritating. But these ridiculous percentages would really not be worth re-experiencing. What an uncomfortable job I would have with all that, listening to my own gossip again and that of others too!

No, no, you seducer, keep your SQUID.

No, no, you seducer, keep your SQUID.

Ah come on! You don't need to wear the SQUID all the time. And if so, you can always record only the good moments and skip or erase the others so as not to experience them ever again.

C'mon! take advantage, take advantage, I'm selling it very cheap. ;p

you can always record only the good moments

Ohooooo... you're good.

But, no.
What if I thought a moment was really good and then afterwards, watching it again, I suddenly think, "Gee, what did I love about that moment?" Especially after I look at my counterpart's face again and see a doubt or even a spark of displeasure in it! Oh, Oh, I couldn't stand that! Interpretation followed interpretation.
One decision after another, that would be too much.

Don't you have something better in stock? Perhaps an AJT? (Automatic joke teller)

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