The value of obsolete technologies in today's digital age.


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Compact discs, cassette recorders and tape cassettes are technologies that used to be very popular in the past, but have been replaced by more modern solutions in today's digital world.

Compact discs (CDs) used to be the most common way of consuming music and movies in 1990. However, with the advent of digital music downloading and online streaming services, the popularity of CDs has declined significantly. Despite this, I believe that CDs still have value for collectors and music lovers. I wish I had built my own CD collection of my favorite artists and kept them as a personal treasure. CDs were also an inexpensive way to create personalized mixes for friends and family, something that can now be easily done with streaming apps and digital playlists. Although they are not as popular as they once were, I still enjoy the sound quality of CDs and would like to continue using this technology if I had access to a high quality CD music collection.

I have also seen series and movies that in the CD era it was fashionable to go out with headphones and CD players in the waistband was a unique fashion that I would have liked to have done. That's why when I watched Stranger Things I liked it so much because it was set in that era and I saw the young people of that time using them.

Cassette recorders and tape cassettes were a popular way to record music and other content in the 1980s and early 1990s. Although they have become obsolete, I think tape cassettes and cassette recorders still have some value for collectors and nostalgic people. I would have liked to have recorded my own music mixes on tape cassettes to share with my friends and family. I also would have liked to have had a collection of tape cassettes of my favorite artists to listen to on my portable cassette player. However, I also recognize that tape cassettes were fragile and tend to wear out over time. I don't think repurposing them would be practical nowadays, but I still find it interesting.

There are still tape recorders of those in use but they are either wireless or Bluetooth. In those days when you used to go out with it on your shoulders to a park with your friends and put it in the middle and share your cassettes with your favorite music, it must have been a unique experience that I would have liked to do, well I would like to do nowadays, to arrive and tell my friends look I have a cassette with my favorite songs chosen for today. And have the others put their cassettes in as well. It would be fascinating.

Although obsolete technologies such as compact discs, cassette recorders and tape cassettes have been replaced by more modern solutions in today's digital age, they still retain a nostalgic value and for collectors and for those who did not live that time as well as I did. While it is not practical to reuse these technologies today, it is still possible to appreciate their value and enjoy them for their unique qualities. I too prefer modern digital solutions for their conveniences, but I believe there is still room for analog technology in today's digital age.

Here are some pictures that I found at my grandmother's house of this week's theme.

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