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RE: Weekend-engagement topic week 38: Inventions

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I will become a huge Danny Ric fan if he is on the podium for McLaren!
I can't wait for the season to begin and in the meantime I am being entertained by cheering my son on in his SIM racing league!


Lol...Who would have thought Melinda would love F1! You're a mystery! 😂

Blame it on my son..... Even though he is a 150 miles away in Chicago, and hasn't been able to come spend the weekends here this past year, we still watch races together and text back and forth throughout the race.

That's a nice thing to do...Still stay connected like that. Well, it's not too far away now...We'll be glued to the TV.

Same here! The races are usually at rather ridiculously early morning times for us and I often have to set my alarm for 6am. Good thing I like early mornings! Scones and F1. I can't wait!