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Well done.
I love all the creations of Allah Almighty. But one of the best so far is a mobile phone. It has made life so easier and faster. See if I could not be able to grab a mobile phone how would I be seeing and writing this some easily? I know it can be handled via desktop or laptops etc. Yet the mobile phone is the best invention so far.


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The mobile phone has indeed a great invention - Thanks to the scientists and engineers that came up with it, developed it and honed it into the tool it is now!

Thanks for stopping into the #weekend-engagement topic, I really appreciate you coming by and joining in.


You are welcome
Thank you for the chance to express our thoughts

The thanks goes to you good lady, for coming past and commenting. :)

Hehehe no worries 😊

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My mom calls it "necessary evil", but inventions are objects and use is what makes them good or bad. Phone have changed our lifestyle and made things easier in some regards. I love the idea that they get easier to use on each iteration.

I think your Mom is right in many ways, but then, so are you, so many inventions, especially related to technology have been massively beneficial or hugely sinister depending on the way each 'tool' has been used. Just imagine life without them now, it is incredibly difficult. 😎

This doesn't go far from what I said above. The tool isn't inherently evil; the use might be. And yes, however, tools are part of the human experience since homo habilis, so we are keeping up with the trend.

We certainly are keeping up with the trend and in an ideal world, may that long continue. 🙂

Cheers for that! 😄


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Hahaha, I thoughts it's my mom who sees it this way but now I can sense the universality of the fact.

Mom's share a collective unconscious just like children and men do and any other group. Ha, ha, ha.

Oh yes. It always makes me think, when I watch movies from just a few short years ago and people don't just text or call each other when one of them doesn't show for a mysterious meeting or the girl running from the psycho doesn't call the cops, then I remember that when I was a teen there was no such thing as a mobile phone... It's crazy how life has changed so drastically.

You are so right, good choice, how could we ever conceive of life without them. 👍😎

Indeed life has changed and more precisely it revolutionized our lives.
I wonder how life would be without a phone these days. Too dull and bore

Interestingly, before I joined Hive. I never, ever accessed the internet on any of my phones. It wasn't something I thought I needed, that was a little under 3 years ago. Now I cannot believe that was ever the case, I would be utterly lost without it.

I wonder what other inventions will come along in the next 10-20 years that revolutionize everything for us again?


Well, I can't imagine the scenes before 3 years.
I was simply using a keypad phone in 2014 before I shifted to an IOS device.
Now I wonder how dumb I would be without using this technology.

Haha luckily that is a question that needs never to be answered lol. 😂

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It is amazing how much the mobile phone has changed society. I mean a fundamental and profound change all around the planet.

That's an amazing piece of gear and a great choice for this exercise.

Indeed, it has altered the mode of livings. Making the life easier.

At the beginning I despised these devices, I saw them as a simple element created to consume valuable time, however now I see that it is necessary to have them.

Everything has positive and negative impacts, the results the way we use them.
Good to know your changed concept.

It's a great invention without a doubt, I can't imagine life without them. However, I think that at the same time they have disconnected us from life, every day people become more and more addicted to cell phones and human contact is being lost.