Weekend at uncle's estate 🤠



Hi everyone, Happy weekend for this extraordinary edition, Good evening @galenkp, I hope today will be a lucky day for an amazing weekend.

I want to share some of the experience and knowledge that I got this weekend. Of course, this holiday is not just a vacation. I got a lot of knowledge from the places I visited.

Right on Friday morning I traveled quite far from where I live to one of the destinations, namely that place was my uncle's plantation, the trip I took took three hours. Of course this was a quite tiring journey because I departed from home starting in the morning, of course, the morning atmosphere was still very cold, on the way I saw a lot of mountain views and plantations of the surrounding community, such as coffee plants, of course.

Not long after, I arrived at my destination, which was one of my uncle's plantations. When I arrived here, I was amazed to see some of the plants on my uncle's plantation and the surrounding community plantations. Seeing my uncle's garden was an example and encouragement for me to want to start gardening. like what my uncle did, my uncle has been planting coffee for the last few months


I saw some of the activities my uncle was doing in this garden. Even though it was currently in the process of planting, my uncle told me some of his experience and knowledge from farming coffee plantations. Currently, the coffee my uncle planted was only 5 or 6 months old.

While waiting for the growth of the coffee tree, my uncle took the initiative to plant chilies. So my uncle made a location to be able to plant chilies. This is an extraordinary thing, of course. Because the coffee tree experienced a long period of growth while waiting, uncle chose to plant chilies first.





I observed some of the ways that my uncle did, this became a useful lesson for me, Of course it was knowledge and an amazing weekend.

Evening came tonight my uncle and brother had prepared delicious food for us to eat together. Many things were discussed at dinner starting from telling stories about family and sharing some knowledge for me to learn.



This weekend is the weekend to seek nature and knowledge about farming. This is truly an amazing weekend that I have captured for all of you my brothers and sisters in the #WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community

Best Regard @macro1997