Weekend Drone Fun video and pics


DJI updated the firmware/software for my Mavic 3 Drone last month. I intended to play with some of the new "smartmode" features like horizontal and vertical panorama, active tracking, 360 panorama, slingshot, etc. but instead got carried away playing with the zoom camera again. So more on those fancy features in another post.

For this one, I thought I would show some actual pictures and videos of the Drone in action, not just pictures taken from it. Although there's some of that too.

Here is the Drone flying. It has amazing self-hovering capabilities and auto-correction for the wind. Here I was flying it with one hand, or no hands as I was working my cell phone camera with my other hand while flying.

The birds in the tree were just the camera zooming out while the drone hovering on the other side of the house. The little jump in the video is the camera switching from one to the other. The Hasselblad camera does 1-7x and the other DJI camera does the 14-28x. The second bird is a little soft on the focus because of all the tree branches. I love shooting wildlife and can't wait to see some of the pics I'll be able to get on deer or larger animals without getting close enough to spook them or them even know it's there.

This shows just a hint of the speed and controllability. See the DJI site for more specs, but basics are:
Speed = 47 mph (75 km/h)
Flight time = 45 min (per battery)
Distance = 9 miles (15km)
Max flight ceiling (altitude) = (19,700 ft) (6000m) (400 ft legal limit in many areas)
2 Cameras 20MP / 12MP - 1-28x zoom variable shutter speed, iso, aperture.
4K, 5K video

It was still cold today, only about 10F (-12C), while I filmed the actual drone coverage from outdoors with my phone. I was able to just let the drone hover above as I walked back into house and then filmed the bird video pieces and the other pics from my warm office.

Here is the optional RCPro controller with built-in screen. I like this much better than the default controller that allows you to use your phone's screen. They don't seem to keep up with new Android phone releases very well, so using the dedicated controller eliminates that issue. It also provides much longer battery time, providing several hours of usage between charges (I seldom go thru more than the 3 drone batteries.

Once done flying, I was able to continue piloting from my office and then land back on the exact same 18" brick I took off from without any real effort. I could easily have landed straighter and more centered if I took a few seconds more to tweak it.

And just a few additional pics.


I just love the blues this captures and the cloud pics taken with it. They always seem striking. I may do some sessions just focused on cloud pics with it.


Tagging my feathered friends for the bird video portion. Can't wait to play more with that zoom!

Enjoy your weekend!


Super coolll Research a little about Madeira, I already saw some British on vacation on the island and there you have free access to fly drone, Madeira has the excellent tropical touch for a vacation and you can use your drone freely

Wow, that does look like an amazing place. Putting it on our future list.

Whoa, that is a very cool piece of tech! I am amazed at how responsive it is even in the cold weather. I'm sure that will come in super handy for surveillance if you need it. The photos are awesome quality. No doubt this will be a big weekend activity of yours now Chris?

Yes, I'm sure it will be. I love the photography and having a camera this flexible and mobile brings a whole new dimension to the process. I also love the tech, and so often get distracted in playing with the tech that I forget to take the pictures and video of all the wonderful things and places we go!

Lol I get it, I think I would probably also get carried away like that with the technical aspects. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these posts in the future. I wonder when you're going to have your first snow thaw?

Thaw shouldn't be too much longer. I hear that March-April is "Mud Season" where it all starts melting off. Excited to experience spring and early summer here for the first time. Wanting just a little warmer to get back out in the woods and on the trails. Just love the warm days with the snow still around to discover all the animal tracks and learn what's been roaming about at night, where they go, and what they do.

Oh I did't even think about the animal tracks, that is awesome. The white does look very serene.

Trip cameras for animals? I'm sure you'd find all sorts of creatures you didn't expect

Yes, indeed. I've got one trail cam out there so far. I have to go to it manually to fetch the memory card out. It did catch a couple skunks, squirrels, foxes, coyotes, and of course deer so far. I just put up a wireless extender last weekend that will hopefully extend the wireless signal 1/4 to 1/2 mile so I can put out a couple real-time cams. I'm hoping to catch pics of the bears this spring/summer.

That is so freaking cool. I love these cameras because you see a lot more of the natural character of the animals. It's also nice when they come to investigate the camera, you get some cool shots then 😄

Sounds like you have wonderful wildlife out there, although bears? Hmmm I'm quite respectfully shit scared of bears.

Definitely some animals to respect up here, Black bears, mountain lions, bobcats, wolves, coyotes. Most are pretty wary of humans, but not something you want to be surprised by. Always good to be aware and be prepared.

Wow! This is surprisingly responsive! I wasn't sure it would hold up against the frigid cold, but it really does a phenomenal job. Were you surprised? You are sure to get some really good footage out of your little Hasselblad.

Those little twigs do it to a still camera too, so understandable. But, when it has a clear shot, the pics are stellar. What a view! What a view!

I bet you came hone in on wildlife from that vantage point.

The capabilities are honestly beyond what I actually imagined. Thanks for giving us a peek at it. Are you getting much out of the trail cam? In the dead of winter, I know there is life, but, wasn't sure what kind of movement you have up there now.


It is really fun to fly and the cameras in it are amazing.
I haven't looked at the trail cam captures for over a month now. I did move it to a busier location last month based on the earlier snow tracks. It's about time for me to pull that out. Really looking forward to putting in some solar powered real-time cameras back there. Maybe will be able to get the alerts and then put the big flashlight and real camera on some then! The low quality night shots are a little disappointing, but still like seeing what's out there.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 94 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Oh wow!!!
I want one!!!
But when do I get the time to play with it, hahaha!!!

Yes, that is the challenge for me too! Only flown this like 4 times since Dec! Hoping other things slow down in April and get to spend more time out.

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Indeed, the Dji drone is an amazing one, and I have a Dji Mavic Mini 2 drone and am very happy with it, then I wonder what the Dji Mavic 3 can do.

Love the size of that Mini 2, great for travel or flying in tighter spots.

Even Maverick would be impressed with those flying skills.

Maverick: You see those flying skills Goose?


Goose: I feel the need...


Well this was in "normal" mode, where all the obstacle sensors still work, etc. I'd show ya some in the faster "Sport" mode, but that's classified and then I'd have to..... well you know. lol

Haha, yeah I get it, and fully endorse that course of action.

..Hang on, what am I saying? 🤪

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