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RE: Savannah Developers Network Seminar And The Rest Of A Busy Saturday.


You live for the camera, I doubt you do anything iconic without taking pictures, and seeing you even have a personal photographer for this event alone is cheeky hahaha. I can relate to terrible food at events, infact it's the most depressing thing ever. Hahaha glad you later settled for another food later. Your new place is looking well placed. Hahaha.


I live for the camera? Come on I barely take pictures of my self😂…I mean, I sure take a lot of pictures of my environment, but that’s mostly it. You know that🙂

About my my new place, I basically just shortened the story. It’s actually a lot lot complicated. Maybe I’ll tell you about it soon.

You live for the camera, no kidding hahaha. I think you're a spontaneous camera person and I gives ideas for content creation