What I got in the mail [Week 126]




Happy weekend, everyone!

Since June of 2019, I've been planning and writting a new web show with my brother and one of my closes cousins, together we came up with the final idea about what's the name of the show, how are we going to write the script and how are we going to finance it, cuz is not that cheap of a show.

But 2020 hit us and my plan for my show was pause due to the pandemic, so, the show was not going anywhere anymore. It's been 3 years since I seriously started to focus on this show and what I want to create and do from it, but the money was always a big deal, not everyone is in the position to invest on their on ideas or projects and that was my case.

Working as a freelancer gave a a bit of freedom during the last few years to create a base to start funding my own projects, and this web show was my priority project to finance myself. But not all went as plan, again, I was not in the position to keep investing all my money into this project so, onces again, everything was on pause until we figure it out.

One day, as I was talking to a friend that lived overseas, he asked me about what I was doing and I told him that I was still working on my own to try to finance a personal project and the conversation went to that direction, he was also working alone but he got an offer to work in a company so, he was leaving the freelance world for now. We say goodbye and we lost contact for a few weeks.

Monday morning I got an alert that I have a package that was delivered to my parents apartment and that I needed to go and pick it up. I went there and to my surprise, it was a huge package send it to my from Spain, with a note on the side saying that this was a way for me to finally start to work on my own proyect without worry about this specific item that the package had inside.

I rush up stairs with this huge package of a mystery item and as I arrived, I started to notice that that 2 boxes inside, meaning that I got more than 1 item on one big package. I opened it and for my surprise, not only was 1 but 2 brand new professional cameras to start filming my web show. My friend facetime me after a new hours and I thanked him for the gift, I was not expecting anything from him at all. The cameras are professionals, the quality of the video is amazing. That's gonna make a big impact in web show.

Months ago, I put similar cameras on my Amazon shopping cart to motivate myself into working harder to buy them so I could start filming the web show, but now, and thanks to this amazing surprise, I'm going in the right direction.