Top three things that Tiny foot has been doing on Earth || [Week-140]

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Alien Humbe: My lord I think we have undermined the intelligence of the "tiny foot" creatures - they seem to be unstoppable when they get to use the maximum capacity of their brains.

Alien Rational: Pardon me Lord Kampom for interrupting, but Why is Alien-Humbe calling them creatures or tiny feet? They have names - they are called the "Humans."

Alien SmartyPants: Rational! human is not even a name it's just one of the animal kingdoms. I mean if you see the animal type then that is so animalist.

Lord Kampom: Shut Up you two! If you say one more word, I will send you to Venus right away. Let's see how your big mouths get to survive those fires and volcanoes- You bloody agents!
Alien Humbe- the floor is yours.....!

Alien Humbe: Thank You, my Lord! -
I am one of the aliens you sent to earth to study the "tiny foot" and I am honoured to take you through my top three observations


Advances in Technology

I do not mean to scare you but those tiny creatures have been up to something and they will soon figure out our planet. Can you believe that they have now figured out how to travel across the ocean? Oh, their feet are not their only mode of travelling - they have aeroplanes, ships, cars, trains, buses, motorcycles etc. which they call transport. It seems like they got too curious to even travel outside Earth as they have been exploring ways to visit Mars. Can you believe that they created a spacecraft and they have now figured out that the trip to Mars will only take them 7 months and about 480 million Km (300 million miles)?

Lord, you see how you communicate with us through telepathy and rely mostly on brain-to-brain communication? Tiny feet figured out how to communicate using the radio wave which travels through the air to a cell tower and then sends a voice (and now video) to a receiver and back to the caller. They can communicate with each other even across the ocean using mobile phone data and the internet. I was impressed that as much as their way of living has created problems and wars in the past- there is a bunch of them that still focus on innovation and creating solutions.

Outsmarting the centralized system

Remember there was an era when they introduced Fiat currency that became other metrics for measuring wealth besides commodities like Gold, silver etc.? Tiny feet now have something called cryptocurrency which has the potential to minimize most of the problems encountered with the centralized bank system that kept a huge gap between the rich and poor when it comes to building wealth and investment.

It seems like they have found means to bridge that gap with the so-called decentralized currency and the so-called blockchain. But this is still a work in progress and it is said that the government would still want to have full control and regulations of the tiny feet's lives since the system is built to be that way.

Oh here is a crazy one. There are some smart-A*S that they call scammers who are like technology thieves who take advantage of the decentralized system to steal from others. My Lord, tiny feet always create problems for every solution too. I wouldn't be surprised if some computer or human viruses are created by a group of tiny feet who already have anti-viruses and potential cues-and the motive is just for monetary gain when money gets invested in those solutions. But that is not my finding, It is just a random thought my Lord.

Lacking self-acceptance

Remember how we were all so impressed that humans finally figured out how to conduct surgery and they could operate on most brain tumours, and breast cancers and even give birth through a cut (incision) made in the mother's abdomen and uterus? Tiny feet are now using similar logic and technology to modify their bodies, females can even order the size of their breast size, nose, curves and bum. Well, even males have six back implants and muscle-building supplements to look like David the statue. This body perfection got so bad that a man once sued his wife over makeup claiming he was deceived by her look (Link).

So I guess a permanent change is a better option although kids' genes will never lie if they resemble the original traits of a parent who did the surgery. Hehehe Pardon my laugh! Well, for any advancement humans make - there got to be consequences. So social media trends have left some humans with little self-acceptance and wanting to fit in with the trending beauty standards. Also being active on those platforms drives them to depression feeling left out versus the progress made by their mate of which some are just a show. But not all tiny feet recognize the flaws with those platforms.

That's all my top three observations for now. But as I stand they might also need all the help they can get to mitigate natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, heatwaves and wildfires.

Alien SmartyPants: Hahaha - I am not surprised by those bratty creatures - can you imagine we envy their body structure they do not know how lucky there are not to have to carry a head that weighs more than your body and eyes that are the size of a soccer ball that takes energy to blink!

Lord Kampom: Those rascals always find ways to mess up every good initiative. I have no time for all the manufactured problems like those who have botched bodies, messed up surgeries and criminal acts because of greed. Let me figure out how to help them navigate natural disasters they are facing like earthquakes and floods for now. Thank You honourable Alien-Humbe.


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Oh yes he got the message. I hope He will act soon enough on that part. The rest He still wants to observe what tiny feet are up to.

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