#TuesdayThoughts - My 80y old Aunt and Bluetooth

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Greetings Hiveans!
Welcome to another edition of #TuesdayThoughts! It’s part of my #HiveBloPoMo schedule and it’s a day where I can just write out my thoughts on anything that caught my interest.

Otium Bluetooth Headsets
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As the title suggested: I’ve successfully taught my aunt to use a Bluetooth headset!
I know, I know, it may seem like a trivial thing but to me it goes much deeper.
First of all, the practical side of teaching senior citizens about technology is an interesting process. Most people would say that they just don’t get it but the truth is you have to take you time. You have to be patient and you have to find a way to connect to their way of thinking.
It’s the basis of all teaching; Finding a way to connect to your audience; Finding a way to make it understandable to whoever you’re talking to.


One thing I’ve made sure to do is have and show respect. Of course I’m respectful in general (especially with my aunt) but in this case I know people tend to lose their patience. Their tone changes if someone doesn’t seem to understand something that’s so simple TO YOU.
I never lost sight of the fact that I may be able to speak on things like a Bluetooth headset (or anything mobile/computer in my family), my aunt has so much more knowledge on other topics.

Giving Back

Which brings me to my thought on giving back. I don’t mean the often used ‘giving back to the community’ aspect… but literally giving back.
If I think about it, the times my aunt took the time to explain, the time to teach me things while growing up, I can honestly say she has had quite an impact on my life… Basic things, but things I’ve used throughout my life. For example, she was the one who taught me proper table etiquette, I mean I used bite and have my teeth hit the fork/spoon HAHAHAH, not anymore people! I used to put my elbows on the table, not anymore folks! They’re trivial things, they might not matter to you but if I think about it, I’ve applied this for the rest of my life (still am)!
She also showed me that you should make an effort for others. She is always the one that takes the time to asks how you’re doing, she’s the one that gives you a compliment on something she knows you’re working on (e.g. my weight back in the day). She takes the time to find out what matters to you and then makes sure she shows interest and or motivates you.
It’s these things that have shown me that something as little as a compliment, a quick question, just showing interest might be 2 minutes for you, but it might mean a whole lot more to someone else.

Which brings me back to….“giving back”.
I know the older generation has given us a lot, the moms, the dads, the aunties… they’ve all had big roles to play in our lives and the fact is they have given us so much.
So much that it probably won’t ever be in balance…. SO if I get a chance to do something back, I’m doing it!!! Again, it’s an hour of my time, but it’s time that’s worth it!

What does it matter?

Well, it’s a bigger discussion but especially in these (Covid) times, mobile technology has given my aunt the chance to stay connected with her family and friends. Especially in our case with family in different countries. Her phone is how she keeps tabs on/shows interest in everyone. And I’m proud of it!
A few years ago she got diagnosed with a form of Parkinson’s. The phone calls have become a challenge in the sense that she can’t keep holding the phone to her ear. Her solution was to always put her phone on speaker… understandable? Yes! Practical? No!
I felt like her privacy and that of the other person was impeded this way. And ladies and gentlemen this is where the Bluetooth Headsets come in! Now, she can finally have those private conversations while she can walk around and do whatever she wants to do.

So this is what I’ve been doing the last couple of weekends… hanging out with my aunt (and cousins) just having conversations… playing games… and helping where I can 😎

A win for Bluetooth!
A win for my Aunt!
And a win for me!

Thanks for reading!
And feel free to share your wins in the comments!



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