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RE: Weekend-engagement topic week 38: Inventions

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My favorite invention is this little bouncing friend I got 🤗🤗🤗
(🎶you gotta read this with dramatic music in the background! 🎶)

Not only have I spent countless hours running after it with blissful excitement... I've shed tears next to it, I've spent nights with it, mornings, afternoons...
Summers, winters, autumn, spring... Indoors, outdoors
It's been with me through puberty, through breakups, through school and even university...
I've shared it with family, with friends, with complete strangers...
In Suriname, in Curaçao, on multiple continents!
And even if I'm not with it, I spend time watching from a far.
I've been happy, sad, angry, depressed, drunk, sleepy, tired, ecstatic, with it....
I've practically grown up with it!
And things have changed, life happened, it hasn't always been the same.
But through it all...I've come to appreciate it for much more than it's bounce, I've come to love it for what came with it and I will never forget how much it has influenced my life!

I love you my little bouncy friend...🤗🤗🤗
I love you basketball!

(🎶music slowly fades🎶)


Great entry and you're first again bro!

I love how you commented here...Told us what it has meant to you over your life. Nice work sir.

Tell me, have you had only one or has they're been many?


😃 Thanks fun topic once again, I'm genuinely curious what the rest will come up with.
(also I think I'm lucky with the time difference)...

Tricky question here, I almost feel like it would be wrong to say I've had many! Haha I'm picturing my current bball looking at me in disgust 😂😂😂.
But I think I've actually owned about 7, I mean they'll go for years if you take proper care of them...

Yeah, you get a jump on the rest of the world...Get to the topic first. Still, it's not just chance, you actively choose to comment. So thanks.

Yeah, I remember the basket balls at school must have been 20 years old, all worn and faded. They last for a while though. You play a lot I guess, so it makes sense you have had multiple...Just tell the current one it's the best! 😂

I have fond memories of the phys ed classes as a kid, using those really old basketballs thinking of how long they've been around, how many people have played with them. Some teachers even when they were kids attending the school could have used them. Always interested me to think of it!

I have no clue how old the ones I was using were but I know they were old. Some were so work there was not a single marking of any kind left on it!

Yo soy muy mala con los balones. Y jugando baloncesto en la escuela. Siempre me daba miedo larzar y recibir

We can't be good at all things...I'm sure you found something else to excel at...Truth be told I was terrible at basketball also...It just wasn't my game.

Bueno en los deportes no eran mis pasatiempos. Yo preferia, pintar, dibujar, hacer manualidades....

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I second that. One of the most used inventions of my youth and one that helped me gain confidence in other abilities as well as I grew.

Exactly! I have a lot of friends thanks to this game... How old were you when you started playing?

Eleven, I think...It marked my four years after that.

Nice invention. I was good at throwing three pointers, but not good for anything else. I have a cousin who plays in the national team. So I guess we were all good at sports, but didn't develop it. I love the description. It's catchy!

I was a decent three point shooter as well, though I never played against anybody lol just hung out in the court and shot around myself. Still fun!

Ha, ha, ha. Yeah. That was kinda what I did. I think I played one game of Teachers vs Parents during high school and got some points, but after that there was no more of it.

Nice! I see national team qualified for a FIBA cup!
Also don't worry, everyone has their roll on the team and 3 point shooters are very handy in today's game.

Well, my playing games are over since high school.

I see national team qualified for a FIBA cup!

Venezuela's National team? Really? I'm a disgrace. Didn't know. I even have a cousin who plays in the team 😅

Now that is a spectacular comment that covers the spirit and intent of the competition perfectly!

Haha thanks! I try to have some fun with it... It's easy when it's true 😃

I gotta be honest, I didn't hear dramatic music... I heard The awesome tuneful sound of Bill Withers singing "Just the two of us" 😁

That was a profound description of just how something that could be perceived by many as a mere 'toy' or a piece of sports equipment, has actually been a tool, mechanism and pastime that has helped you process stuff, burn off emotion, ponder life and your place in it and just let loose and have a good time.

Maybe it has come to represent a constant, stabilising force that has always been with you throughout all this stuff. Whatever the reason, I feel pretty good you've had it or them as the case may be. Great summing up of it's importance in your life. 😎👍

That could also work!

Indeed, there's this saying in the basketball community: "Basketball is my first love" and it basically means that people come and go (relationships), situations change but basketball remain loyal. It gives what you put into it...

I don't think it's just a basketball thing! So it might apply to other sports or whatever you're passionate about doing.

Ah very cool, a basketball is definitely a good choice. I love having one, though I haven't used mine much in a few years, it's still an awesome thing to have. Take it with you and just bounce it around and shoot it up at things and you are bound to have some fun!

Hahaha maybe it's time to take yours out of the closest and apply said advice!
But now that I think of it, you'll definitely need an indoor gym 😃

Our son was actually using it with me a few weeks ago when the weather was milder. He had a lot of fun just bouncing it around! We don't have a court anywhere near us but he enjoyed bouncing it at the trees and stuff lol

when you started with bouncing friend my mind went back to the 70's and the space hopper. Yes hes bouncing on a space hopper they aint his testicles or at least I hope they aint

Completely useless toy but weirdly fun, space hoppers that is not testicles :)

Ese balón saltarin me encantaría, vuelvo a la infancia

Se llamaba "Skippy Ball" cuando era niño 😃

Si super divertido... Me encanta... Y tambien se puede entrenar piernas y glúteos


Hahah this reminds me of a South Park episode!
I'm sure it helps with balance or at least trains your legs 🤣

I so too thought this 🤣🤣🤣

haha etched on our memories

watching basketball( especially in the arena) has given me a lot of joy. Definitely a solid pick.

Do they have a big league where you're from?

My favorite team Zalgiris is playing in Euroleague.

I really enjoyed reading your ode to the ball. You are passionate about it and it's important in your life, that already makes it a great invention!!!

I think that balls and sports have been a great invention for mankind that has contributed in its well being and integration.

Blessings ✨

Thanks 😃!
I know I risked sounding silly but everything I wrote is true for me...

What are you passionate about?

Hahaha, not at all!!! I felt it sincere and passionate.

My passions? Many, mainly writing, chocolate, meditating and enjoying the beach 😊

Very nice, basketball is huge in the states not so much here in Aus. We're a lil odd when it comes to sports