A thousand years forward or backward?



After the completion of the time machine, it became an issue for George to choose between the future and the past for his first trip. The time machine was newly built, going and returning from the first trip would determine if the project was a success or failure.

It wasn't his first time building a time machine and he has been able to make at least one progress after every failure.

He reached out to great and intelligent people who could guide him but everyone advise him to do what he thinks is best.

At dinner on Thursday, George spoke about it and his family's opinions contradict each other.

He smiled as he excused himself from the dining room. "I must make up my mind tonight", he said as he grabbed a win glass from the bar.

George sat down in his private sitting room and began to ponder as he sip wine from the glass cup, the fight went on in his head for quite some time.

"What impact would the past have on me if I stayed there for the weekend?", He asked himself.

"There is no way I can help the world by traveling back in time and since it is either I go a thousand years forward or backward, forward is the only option I am seeing.Come to think of it, I do not have a life in thousand years before and after but I can have an impact on what's going to happen in the future."

"Everything that has happened in the past has become a fixed event that can't be changed but the future is undetermined yet."

He was deeply lost in thought and his phone alarm brought him back to life.

"Oh, it is midnight already", he exclaimed.

He jumped off the sofa and went to prepare for his adventure. George left a note for his family, he didn't want them to see the fear in him.

The previous machine crashed when it was powered and he wasn't sure how much progress he made from the last time.

In his note he wrote, "It is hard for me but I have to take this step. The success of this project will set things right for the world and I hope I can make this place a paradise for my upcoming generation".

George left his house at midnight and went to the lab to put his latest work to test.

His fellow scientists weren't cool with the idea but he had to do it. He recorded a short video explaining the origin of the project and how far he has come with it.

He was suited up and got into the machine. After some beep and heavy vibration in the lab, George was gone.

His colleagues sat in front of the machine and were monitoring every change they noticed on the time travel machine.

Meanwhile, George arrived in the future. It was a place with a mixture of happiness and sadness for him.

Technology had reached a new level, and the time travel machine he was struggling with had become something you can find in the home of wealthy people.

He was glad to know that some scientists worked on his invention and made things better but he wasn't happy with the bad things they were achieving with it.

The world looked beautiful, there were flying cars, and cryptocurrency has been adopted as a legal tender globally but it was just a world for the rich. George was disappointed because he expected something better from the human race in terms of relationships.

Deforestation, drug abuse, war, overpopulation, animal extinction, and many other things had affected the earth but just, as usual, humans will always adapt to every change.

He went to look at history for the last 1000 years and saw lots of tragic incidents. George took note of everything because it was part of the reasons he was desperate to create the time machine, he checked the causes and noted them. He also noted remarkable events to strengthen his claims and as well convince people to believe in him.

"We can prevent some of these things from happening and lives can be saved", George said to himself as he checked his timer.

The first day in the future ended and he had to sleep on a bench in a park, a photographer who worked near the park approached him and after some conversation, she offered him a room to pass the night.

He finished his mission earlier than expected on the third day and decided to see the fun part of the world.

There was no money on him so he could only look around, he approached the lady who helped and begged for just one picture. The lady didn't hesitate to take some pictures for him for free.

"Thanks a lot, everything you did for me means a lot to me and I hope I can repay your kindness someday. May I know your name young lady?", George asked as he told her his name.

The lady paused for a moment, "did you say George Dee?", she asked.

"Yes", he responded in a low voice.

"Wow, that's exactly my great grandfather's name from almost a millennium now. He was a great scientist and I hope to become great like him someday", she printed the pictures and handed them over to him.

George smiled and wondered if she was his descendant, he concluded that she must be his great-granddaughter. He was still chatting with her when he heard a beeping sound from his watch.

He wanted to hide somewhere before the machine took him back but he disappeared right in front of the crowd which caused panic.

George reappeared in his lab and he was glad he could return. His colleagues, family, and the press were waiting for his arrival.

He appeared exhausted and he was taken to the hospital immediately.

He shared his experience after recovery but only a few believed him until some of the events he mentioned started happening.

George destroyed the time machine and every document he made while building it to prevent someone from laying their hands on it.

George cherished the picture he brought from the future and it was more valuable to him than anything.

The awesome compliment his great-granddaughter made always made him happy.

He formed a group with the support of powerful people to teach against things that were problems in the future. George took every measure he could even in old age to ensure that he passed his experience to people across the world.