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RE: Dedicated to all the fucked up drivers out there : In loving Memory of Uncle Raymond


I'll admit that I was hoping ED would incorporate an opening roof and ejector seat. I'm a little disappointed but maybe ED 2.0 could include this upgrade?

I was also hoping ED would be able to detect those fucken assholes who flick their cigarette butts out the window like fucken entitled assholes and have a way of dealing with it. Say, a fist in the shape of Mike Tyson's that comes out of the steering wheel and punches the wanker in the face two or three times. ED 2.0 could add the user-choice option of the fist or a karate chop from a hand in the shape of Chuck Norris's.


Oh shit, that's a pretty fucken awesome idea! It's crazy, extremely far fetched, and probably could get someone killed but hell yeah! That's going in ED 2.0.

As I live and breathe, why didn't I think of this? I completely forgot about those entitled assholes! You're damn right tho, a Mike Tyson fist in the face should get the job done rather properly...

Hey, since it's ED 2.0, why not add the user option to use both at once? Ha! Nothing would hurt more than getting punched by Mike Tyson while being karate chopped by Chuck Norris 😂

Hmm, you're pretty good at this Galen, I'll personally see to it that you're involved in the brainstorming committee of ED :)

A double Norris/Tyson beating? Hmm...Let me think on that long and hard (one second later) fucking top notch idea!

I'm happy to be on the team...This project is going to the moon!

Hell yeah! We're on the same page then.