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RE: Weekend-engagement topic week 38: Inventions

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Hmm...I've had to shield prying eyes from this image...If you know who sees this there'll be a remodel at great pain to my bank balance!

The humble bath huh? Such a good invention and I'll be honest, I'm not above some tub-time myself, although I'll admit it's rare. I'm more a shower guy. I've tubbed in the wilderness many times...A stream or lake...I did the Kokoda Trail in PNG a while back ant that's all there was...It's sort of freeing I guess...Maybe that's why baths are found to be so relaxing? Takes us back to our cave person days?

Or it could be because the oils or bath bombs, hot water, soothing music and...Even the company.

Legit invention...The G-dog approves.



Gotta say I prefer wild soaking too, although an incident with a large water snake in a water hole out back of the Flinders Ranges years back was more than a little disconcerting. Here? You need to be seriously careful in still water due to all manner of tropical nasties. But I confess I have happily frolicked under many an icy waterfall. LOL. So I can be a shower girl too.

Company in the bath? Yup. That works. 😆😍

Wild soaking...I want to do a post called that now!

The Flinders Ranges...My back yard! I have to say, I've mot bathed with any snakes there though...Well...Not that I've known about. The Kokoda Trail though? I shudder to think.

I've done a lot of wild soaking...A few photos...None that will hit the chain!

Company in the bath...Just seems legit...Or under a waterfall too I guess.

Damn. I knew I liked you for a reason. I've got a fairly extensive collection of wild hot springs for soaking too. They really are all over the western US. I've also chipped ice to bathe. I'll promise you that if I hadn't thought I was going to get laid I'd have postponed that one. I was right...

Lol...Chipped ice. You're a beast! I've not done that, but I've bathed in some pretty interesting situations and wouldn't change a thing...No matter how frightened I may have been of being gobbled up by a fucking snake!

The things we do when the other brain is in charge! LOL

Ahahaha 😁 Sometimes ya gotta ask yourself who is really doing the thinking man!!!