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RE: Rains and Floods and Seatbelts, Childhood Survival Reminiscing


He tied and clipped together seat belts to cross the creek. He would attach the seatbelts and rope to one tree and connect it to another tree across the creek.

Your dad was MacGyver right? Lol.

Great post here! I am from a small country town also, not really backwoods I guess but a small farming town right on the fringe of the world famous Barossa Valley. It was so good and I yearn for those simple times, that place these days. It's a lot busier now though and I could not live there I think.

I was born in 1970 so it was a different world for me. No computers, no real up-to-the-minute news services and very little distraction. We didn't have much, (money) but we had fun, made it up and yeah, sometimes I got into a whole mess of trouble. (See your influence rubbing off on me? Normally I would have typed F-load of trouble.) Lol.

Looking back on those simple times, like you have here, is an amazing journey for me at the age of 51. I love doing it and I hope you had some fun too. Thanks for being involved.


That is very nice and considerate of you! Are you holding out the dumb dumb cup towards me though because of it? Lolol
I enjoyed a lot of growing up in the country. I had many experiences there that I wouldn't trade. I did always want regular neighbors in a regular neighborhood though. Now that I have them I don't want them. These are lessons we must learn though through living experiences.
I grew up mostly without internet and so was outside a lot. Kids were getting beepers when I was in school, but we never got one. That was a blessing as I look back on it.

They were simpler times and whilst we probably appreciated it somewhat it's not until later we truly appreciate it as we can look back on those times differently and with adult eyes.

No dun dum mugs involved.