[WE113] Weekend-Engagement concept - Up or down: a deep travel into space

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Hello friends of hive and the "weekend experiences" community, this is my entry for the [WE113] Weekend-Engagement concept, the question that I will select to develop in this post is “Up or down?”, and I would definitely choose a week of travel in space, since from an early age I have felt a great fascination for space, stars, planets, nebulae, other celestial bodies and all the wonders and all the mysteries that make up this vast universe, in which we all exist.

But I would not like to do this trip in conventional terms, no, I have to go into the depths of the fantastic and the imagination to make this trip, not as a human being on a spaceship but as a photon of light or an orb of light with intelligence and the ability to move at will to travel at the infinite speed of light, even at a factor of x10000 times the speed of light to be able to reach the closest stars in this period of time, to be able to know and experience all the celestial bodies that are closest to our solar system.


James Webb telescope's deep space image


Although of course I would have to be very careful not to enter the zone of influence of a black hole or this week-long trip would end earlier than planned for me 😉 although it is very unlikely since the possible black hole closest to our solar system is about 800 light-years away, and even with these fantastic conditions I could not even reach a third of this distance.



The first day I would visit our moon, discover the misteries of it's dark side and appreciate our planet from there, and undertake a journey to venus, mercury and our sun, without being affected by the high amounts of radiation and temperatures, there in our sun I would seek to witness the so-called Dyson spheres if i'm lucky to find out more about them and where do they come from.




Alledge Dyson Sphere


Later I would visit the rest of the planets of the solar system, especially some moons such as Jupiter's moon "Europa", which is known to have water and frozen seas on its surface and a liquid state inside below, that cover its rocky body, and also the moon of Saturn called "Enceladus", which also has even water volcanoes that expel this material into space and presents conditions that could harbor microscopic life on its surface, without a doubt this seems to be taken from the wildest dreams of a lover of space and astronomy.


"Europa" one of Jupiter's moons



"Enceladus" one of Saturn's moons ejecting water into space


The second day I would undertake a long journey to one of the closest stars to our solar system, the "Sirius" star, but not before making a stop and closely appreciating the heart of the now considered planetoid "Pluto", and I would get to know some of the comets and asteroids that populate the so-called Oort cloud in the confines of the solar system where our sun still has gravitational influence over the celestial bodies, the next stop "Sirius", a binary star which is something very particular in the universe two very close stars to one another, they are "Sirius A" and "Sirius B", here I would discover more than one secret that stars hold as of being so close to them.





Sirius "A" and Sirius "B", a binary star


On the third and fourth day I would travel to the other closest stars Procyon and Altair, I am sure it would be an unreal experience to observe the true size of these luminaries from such closeness and even bounce off their surface, an experience that is hard to imagine, in this certain point I would have a very different vision of the rest of the universe a different perspective than the one we have on our home earth.




Who knows what mysteries I would find hidden in the vast enormity of our universe, so I would finally undertake the journey back home that surely it would take 3 more days, our universe is so immense that not even being faster than the speed of light one could overcome distances greater than these.



Finally, friends, if you are lovers of space, I am sure that you will enjoy like little children watching this video of about 12 minutes, which I share below that is not of my authorship but that I consider to be extremely valuable in terms of knowledge of our universe and that we should all know this information to have greater certainty about our place in here and what surrounds us in this infinite space.


I hope you enjoyed and loved this trip with me, thanks so much for reading.


That's an amazing and fantastic tour around our solar system and our galaxy,i wonder if after life there is some way to make something like this. Great post. Greetings.

That's a great question, it's probable and can't help to think of trying it then if there's such an opportunity, it's awesome that you enjoyed it! thank you!

Hello @eliasg85

from an early age I have felt a great fascination for space, stars, planets, nebulae, other celestial bodies, and all the wonders and mysteries that make up this vast universe

That's evident 😁

This sounds like more than just a fantasy, it's like a goal.
You make me want to come with you.
I'm also fascinated by astronomy, astrology, and celestial bodies, but I've not delved deep into the subject.
It's still on my agenda of things to do though.

The first day I would visit our moon, and discover the mysteries of its dark side

I like that:)))

Nice post 🙌

Well yeah it does feel like a goal, wouldnt you find it so easy to fantasy about it, i'm sure yes :) let's go the more we are the better :) maybe we can get our minds to dream about doing a trip like this sometime :) and then omg imagine the possibilities. I love that you enjoyed it thank you for reading!

Haha! I stumbled upon your post and I'm happy I did! It is a fantastic dream goal :)
The more the merrier it would be, indeed.
Have a nice week ahead :)

I am also very glad you did :) have a nice week you too!



The original #weekend-engagement concept by @galenkp featured in the

Image belongs to @galenkp

Thank you for your support and this awesome initiative!

Love the video. Truly, the human brain cannot fathom the exact size of space.

It is literally amazing indeed, one can only reach as far as one can comprehend and enjoy it :)

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