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Hi Galen, I'm a new member of Hive. Thanks @trangbaby for bringing me here. This is a great idea, I have a lot of favorite items. One of my favorite inventions is the coffee filter. I was born and raised in the highland of Vietnam, where we grow a lot of coffee and we are the second largest coffee exporter in the world, after Brazil.
Since I was a kid, I learned how to make coffee from my dad using a coffee filter, and since then it has become an indispensable item for me until now. I use it almost every morning, then rinse it off and store it in a separate place so that every morning I don't waste time reaching for it when my eyes aren't really open.
Enjoy your cup of coffee and have a nice day!


I have a FAB little Vietnamese coffee dripper I bought in Hoi An and I use it ALL THE TIME. I take it with me for travel into the mountains of northern Thailand (where I live) - Thai people GROW awesome coffee but they sure as heck have no idea how to prepare it. LOL.

Missing my beach time in Da Nang and Hoi an so much!! Following you from Chiang Mai, where I've lived for almost 18 years now. 😆

Wow, really! Hope you had a good time in Vietnam. Just let me know when you come to Vietnam again. Then I can share you some coffee.

The humble coffee filter...What a great invention, and where would we be without coffee? Sleepy and slow-minded I'd say!

I knew Vietnam grows coffee; I've been there actually, to Hanoi, but I never realised they were such a big exporter of it. Second behind Brazil is a big deal. So, I'd imagine you have plenty of good coffee available to you and enjoy starting your day with one! Like billions around the world I guess.

Thanks for stopping by the #weekend-engagement topic this week, I hope you will come past again.


Yeah, my family produces coffee by ourselves. Just let me know when you come to Vietnam again, I would love to take you to my hometown to try many different types of coffee.

I'll be sure to do so...I'll hit up @trangbaby and we can all share some coffee and tell some lies. ✅

Sure, that will be great. Cheers!

Hey Hey what's up..!!! Omg I've been so busy man...Haha. Yes, We are just after Brazil about coffee exporter. I'm sure you need to visit VN again to try all our foods and coffee, Galen... Well, did you try egg coffee and salt coffee here? Oh yeah, how about durian coffee? And coconut coffee just so oooo good...!!! Oh, dodo's hometown is the land of coffee in VN, well you will get to carry a few kilograms of coffee (As free gift from bro Dodo hehe, right @dodovietnam) back to OZ next time 😆

Wow Bro @dodovietnam you are talented ...I can't wait to try your coffee tomorrow haha and yes pls bring your buddy dog here. We don't mind him running around our shop !!!

I'd love to get back to VN and I'm sure it'll happen at some stage. I'll try some coffee but...Hmm, durian coffee. I've smelled durian and...Not so sure. Coconut coffee would be nice. I sometimes put coconut oil in my espresso in the morning so get an idea of what the coconut flavour would do it. I'll get there no doubt. We can hang out and do a hive meet up...Do a hive post or something like that.

Haha I know you guys don't like durian...well, just give it a try...first time the smell horrible...second time the smell still terrible ..again third time...oh man smell actually not bad...and then many times later you will love it...😀😄
The coconut coffee very delicious
Yes sure @Galenkp, meet up have a coffee tell lies and yes write a Hive post. I'm going to bring some more talkative people here soon...Like @dandays said, I bring one person each week..haha Wait and see tomorrow any new face here haha

Lol...Yeah they sell it here and it's...Smelly. I'm not sure I'd be able to go through the desensitisation process and break through to the sweet spot when it starts to be good. Lol. I'll try it, I promise...Just can't promise any more than that.

You've been doing really well with onboarding...Make sure to support them as they start off and get established. Don't over-promise them either. Make sure they get that it's not a get-rich-quick scheme. ✅ Good work though.

haha we stayed in a place in Malaysia that had a no durian sign on the entrance, I guess they didn't appreciate the stink

Well, you will be get 500 $ fine if you carry durian on train or bus in
I miss durian in Davao. 😊 I was lucky to stay in Davao Sep & Oct 2019 and just durian season...yummy!!!

I can make egg coffee, coconut coffee, yogurt coffee, daguna coffee, frothy coffee, salt cofee, but durian coffee, I never tried before. I prefer to have durian and coffee separately. 😜🤓🤣

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Thanks a lot!

bang on @trangbaby life without coffee is NO life at all ! Nice little filter that is. Do they make em to make a litre at a time like I need :)

Sure @scubahead coffee is life 🤣 I always start my day with a coffee :)

be like @trangbaby , @trangbaby is smart!

Wow! Wow wow wow. I need one of those drippers. I have been looking for the perfect dripper for my motorcycle camping and there it is.

I just checked Amazon. They don't have that exact one with the lid, but pretty close. I'll give it a try. I'm using a single cup deal now that might work good at home but is pretty clunky in a camp situation. Good coffee though!

Obviously I think pretty highly of your choice. In honor of it I'm going to look at what Vietnamese coffee I can order to have at home. Thank you. (I'm currently drinking Nicaraguan beans).

What a delight a coffee in the morning, it is indispensable and has multiple benefits. Coffee is a must and neither is the filter to make it.

Yeah, I cannot imagine the life without coffee. Enjoy your cup of coffee. Cheers!

YEEESSSS! What would life be without great coffee?

This is a stunning choice , I would like my life a lot less without good coffee. Great to meet you, I hope your time on Hive is amazing my friend 👍😎☕