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RE: The World Keeps Moving On... Is It Too Fast Though?


I saw a dude today reading a book. Big deal is probably what you're thinking. Steve's never seen someone read a book said no one ever. Oh yeah? Well, check this out, he was on a footpath! Mhm. Walking. A regular ass walking trail in public that winds around and through, in and out of greenway and forest and back—nice walk.

I had Daddy's G - A Model Female Dog with me. There were other dogs there. Cyclists, walkers, runners and then, going in the opposite direction of me was a dude... READING A BOOK! He was reading it and walking at the same time!! Is that the craziest thing you've read all year?! A real person reading a real hardback book on a real footpath. So crazy.

All I meant to say is what do you mean, ramble?


Ahahaha. I love your comments dude! It's 1.30am but trying to work my way through the comment, extracting as much 'meaning' from it as I can is like a shot of adrenaline directly to the brain!!!

I almost chose the kindle as 1 of my 3 purely and simply because I love the smell of a page, the feel, the crinkles. Geekily enough, some of my happiest times as a youngin' was coming back from the library with 12 books on whatever was the topic that enthralled me most at that time.

I love that feeling of not being able to put a book down because I am so intrigued, involved, enthralled.

Happy Sunday D&A always a bloody pleasure 😎