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RE: Weekend-engagement topic week 38: Inventions

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Hmmm tough one... So many things are so useful... I would say that it would be... The pen. Yup. How else would all those awesome books we read now would have been written? Pen, pencil, crayons, everything connected with writing/sketching/drawing. All the ideas were once written on paper/walls/stone. Yup. Scribble tool😍😂✒️


I agree with you that the pen is right up there amongst the most essential inventions for human kind - after the bath tub and the coffee pot, of course. LOL. 😆

Loved the way this weeks topic made me THINK - and also to spend some moments in sheer gratitude for the awesome THINGS, IDEAS and TOOLS I am blessed with.


Oh yes, there are so many important things. Funny that you mentioned bath tub, I always wondered how could some people live without one. A hot bath... Can really help you out in tough moments.
I think that we have a lot to be grateful for and we should spend time to consider all of the wonderful things that we have in our life


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I knew you'd say something that related to writing or art! I agree though...Paper and pen. Great inventions and without them where would we be?

The pen, or let's call it writing implement, changed the world. It allowed us to document more effectively, to record history and for future generations to learn what happened in times past. I wonder, with everything so digital, what might be left for future generations to find and if they'll have the ability to retrieve the digital information at all.

Yup, it's one basic thing we can't ignore today, even years later after we advanced technologically.
I was actually thinking too if the kids of the future will even want to hold a pen anymore. If writing as we know it might change. Digitally one can think that information is safer to be stored. But a fire can burn the building with the books and the computers too. So what makes an information indestructible? Hm.... I don't know where you could store data and expect complete protection. But nevertheless I am sure that the pen is here to stay for a while.

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

The charcoal on the cave wall, then. I recommend all serious inventors here watch the "Killing Good Ideas Can Harm Your Future" video about fire and the wheel.

I was thinking about the charcoal on the cave walls too! I will watch it, thank you!

A writing element is certainly one of the most important things! We would literally not be anything we are today without art or the written word!

Yes totally! That's what I thought too. Maybe even this internet... Was once put on paper. The idea for it I mean. All of the stuff we read about and watch on tv/internet... Nothing without the written word.

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great choice. I think that trying to burn image on wood without drawing it first with a pencil would much harder. And burning tool even looks a bit similar a fat without pen/ pencil I would probably not be able to create anything at all. And a lot of entertainment would also be lost as well. No books, no movie scripts, texts of songs(assuming that without pen/pencil we would also not have keyboards)...The world would be kinda boring and sad place. Also aliens would have even more reason to laugh at us:
after all this time those primitives can't even write/ draw.

Hahhahahahha such a great comment! I thought about the same thing. Like any idea has to be written down. I am sure of that. Many awesome people used paper and something to write to catch that great idea.

Yeah, just plain hard to argue with writing/drawing utensils. It is a part and parcel of what makes us human.

Exactly! Every brilliant idea was once put on paper first